He's My Brother? *completed*

Gabriella/Gabby is a normal 18 year old girl... or so she thinks. Her mother decides to tell at the age of 18 that her last name isn't Twist it's Styles and that Harry Styles is her twin brother. How will she tell Skye,her best friend who has a crush on Harry, that she is Harry's twin?
Read He's My Brother? to find out what happens...


3. Telling Skye

"Harry, can I tell Skye, my bff, about you?" Gabby asked.

"I guess. I mean I am your brother!" Harry said.

"The only problem is, she is a Harry girl!" Gabby said.

"Well, I will have to meet her!" Harry said.

"Well, I will call her and ask if she wants to come over!" Gabby said, getting out her phone and dialing Skye's number.

"Hey Gabby!" Skye said.

"Hey Skye!" Gabby said.

"What's up?" Skye asked.

"Well, I need to tell you something, but I want to tell you in person!"

"I'll be right over!"

"Wait, let's meet at the usual Starbucks!"

"That's fine! Be there in 10 minutes!"

"See you then! Bye!"


At starbucks...

"Gabby! You will never guess who is here!" Skye yelled.

"Who?" Gabby asked.

"Harry Styles!" Skye screamed.

"Really?" Gabby asked.

"Yes really!"

"Where is he?"

"In line about to order!"

"Let's go get in line!"

They walked inside and got in line right behind Harry. Harry turned around.

"Hi, I'm Harry!" he said.

"I'm Skye!"


"What brings you to Starbucks?" Skye asked.

"Coffee!" Harry said.

"You want to come sit with us?" Gabby asked.

"Sure!" Harry said.

They got their coffee and sat down.

"So, have you told her yet?" Harry whispered to Gabby.

"Not yet!" Gabby whispered back.

"So, Skye, the thing I need to tell you," Gabby started.

"Are you two dating?" Skye asked.

"Eww.. No! He's my twin brother!" Gabby said. Skye's jaw dropped.

"Twin brother?" Skye asked," How long have you known?"

"A couple of days!" Gabby said.

"Well thanks for telling me!" Skye sad, running out.

"Well, that didn't go as planned!" Harry said, taking a sip of his coffee.


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