He's My Brother? *completed*

Gabriella/Gabby is a normal 18 year old girl... or so she thinks. Her mother decides to tell at the age of 18 that her last name isn't Twist it's Styles and that Harry Styles is her twin brother. How will she tell Skye,her best friend who has a crush on Harry, that she is Harry's twin?
Read He's My Brother? to find out what happens...


2. No dating!

The next day...

Nobody's POV

"Gabby, you need to get up!" Harry said, shaking Gabby awake.

"It's too early!" Gabby said.

"It's 9 in the morning!" Louis said.

"Really?'" Gabby asked.

"Yes really!" Niall said.

"You need to get up so we can take you shopping!" Louis said.
"Fine, I'll get up!" Gabby said, sitting uo in bed.

6 hours later...

"Well, that was fun!" Louis said, setting the last bag down in Gabby's room.
"I have to say it was!" Gabby said.

"Gabby, can I talk to the guys alone?" Harry asked.

"Yea sure! I'll be downstairs if you need me!" Gabby said walking out.

Harry shut the door.

"Listen, I don't want anyone to start dating her! Mum told me a lot about her so, I already know who she has a crush on in the band!" Harry said.

"Who is it?" Louis asked, hoping it was him.

"Liam..." Harry said.

"Well, fine then!" Louis said, running out the door. Zayn and Niall followed.

"Now, if you want to, I might let you take her out on a date, but if you break her heart.." Harry said.
"Got it!" Liam said walking out.

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