He's My Brother? *completed*

Gabriella/Gabby is a normal 18 year old girl... or so she thinks. Her mother decides to tell at the age of 18 that her last name isn't Twist it's Styles and that Harry Styles is her twin brother. How will she tell Skye,her best friend who has a crush on Harry, that she is Harry's twin?
Read He's My Brother? to find out what happens...


4. Date with Liam?

The next day...

"Skye? Hey! I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry..." Gabby said to Skye.

"It's ok! I was just in shock and I didn't know how to react!" Skye said.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come to my dad's house today?"

"Yea sure! Just text me the address and I will be over soon!"

"Ok, I will! Bye!"


2 hours later...

The doorbell rang.

"I got it!" Liam yelled.

"Hi! I'm Skye, Gabby's friend!" Skye said.

"I'm Liam. Come on in!" Liam said," Gabby, your friend is here!"

Gabby ran downstairs. "Hey Skye!"

"Hey Gabby. Can I ask you something?" Liam asked nervously.

"Sure anything!" Gabby said.

"Well, I was wonderin if you wanted to go out for some dinner tonight?" Liam asked.

"That sounds great!" Gabby said.

"Ok! We will leave around 8!" Liam said.

"Ok! I will be ready!" Gabby said.

Skye and Gabby ran upstairs to Gabby's room.

"Is Harry home?" Skye asked.

"I think he is," Gabby said," Harry, come in here!"

"What's up?" Harry asked, running into Gabby's room.

"Well, Skye wanted to know if you were home!" Gabby said, winking at Harry. Skye playfully hit her in the arm.

"Well, Skye... I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime?" Harry asked.

"Of course!" Skye squealed.

"Well, how about tonight?" Harry asked.

"Sounds perfect!" Skye said.

Gabby and Liam's date...

"Are you ready to go?" Liam asked as Gabby walked downstairs.

"Yea, just got to grab my jacket!" Gabby said, "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise!" Liam said.

"Just tell me!" Gabby said.

"Then it wouldn't be a surprise!" Liam said.

"Fine!" Gabby said, walking out the door.

"Liam, before you go, can I ask you somthing?" Harry asked.

"Sure!" Liam said, walking over to Harry.

"Make sure you keep her safe!" Harry said, patting Liam's back.

"Promise!" Liam said, running out the door.

"Now are we ready?" Gabby asked.

"Yes!" Liam said, starting the car.

"So, tell me about yourself..." Gabby said.

"Well, my favorite color is purple! I love turtles, and all of the Toy Story movies!" Liam said," What about you?"

"Favorite color is aqua blue, favorite animals are dogs and cats, and favorite movie is Monster's INC.!" Gabby said,"Well, I actually love all Disney movies!"

"Then, we are going to get along just fine!" Liam laughed.

They drove up to a fancy restaurant.

"So, this is where you're taking me?" Gabby asked.

"Yes it is!" Liam said, getting out of the car.

After dinner, they went back home.

"That was the best date I have ever been on!" Gabby said.

"I'm glad you liked it!" Liam said, and gave her a kiss.

Harry and Skye's date....

They drove up to a beautiful lake where a picnic was set up.

"This is so beautiful!" Skye said.

"Not as beautiful as you!" Harry said.

"Aw! Harry, that was so sweet!" Skye said, grabbing his hand.

"Let's eat!" Harry said.

After their date, they went back to Harry's house.

"I had a great time Harry!" Skye said.
"Me too!" Harry said.

"Well, I better go see how Liam and Gabby's date went!" Skye said, walking upstairs.



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