Echoing Through The Woods

Music is a beautiful thing isn't it? Especially in such a monotonous world...


1. It starts with a song

The air wavered with the notes of a sorrowful, longing love that wound their way through the trees, brushed against every blade of grass and danced with the leaves of every tree. Every part of the woods, made way for the music and guided it gently, to the ears of a lone Cælytes*. She sat, hunched with her back against a weeping willow as she listened, every note resounding through her, tugging and pulling on her insides.

Where this music came from, she hadn’t travelled to find out, even though it had been playing for several days now. When it had started, a week before, there had been pauses, notes that didn’t go and changes to the song. It was a piece yet to be finished, but beautiful all the same. She’d been wanting to go to the source of the music, to seek out the player, she had wanted since she first heard, but she couldn’t. How could she stop listening to it while sitting in complete bliss?How could she approach them? What would she even say?

The music stopped.

The Cælytes held her breath, anticipating the next note, but  then she remembered that a pause hadn’t occurred since two days before... and they always happened after a bad note... So why...? It couldn’t be that the musician had stopped could it? No. They couldn’t just... stop... could they?

She tilted her head to the breeze and waited. A pause had never been this long in the music.What if they really never did begin to play again? If it did, then any chance she had of seeking out the player was gone.But even if the music did start again, she knew she still wouldn’t seek them out. The musician wouldn’t be willing to talk to her, they wouldn’t play for her, in fact, they’d think her strange to have been listening to them for days unannounced.


“Illuminated by a bright but cold sun

A caged freedom creeps over me

The beauty of night reflects on a mirror

As my soul begins to shift from its mask”

... A... A voice...? Yes, a voice! The most dulcet of voices with the tune of the violin she’d been hearing for days, coming together perfectly, weaving in and out with each other, swapping places of harmonies and melodies.

It didn’t matter anymore. It didn’t matter what the player thought of her, she had to go. She needed to go to them, to the source of what she was experiencing. How could she resist such a call?

“On the other side of this crumbling wall

Both hope and despair wear the same face

A heart never satisfied

Heads for a prologue that always flies away”

She used the willow she rested on to gently let herself up, and follow the paths of echoing wonder guide her to it. She let it flow through her body, allowed it dance under her skin, accepted its warm constriction over her. Her surroundings of the woods dared not get in her way; they sensed her desperate longing to be nearer.

“In this world, sharp wind blows as a knife

But what is it I should be protecting?

When all I know is one pain after another,

I can only draw closer to my true self...”

She was almost there. She wanted to drown herself in the music, nothing else would matter because this was everything...

She slowed, not wanting to alarm the player so they would stop, but she was so close. Close enough to hear each individual breath the singer took, but she stood behind, so she wasn’t noticed.

“Piercing through a night dyed white

It carries on to create a new era

Our hearts now fully released

Take flight through the forever white night”

The voice stopped, and the violin kept playing, but she knew it would only be for a few bars; she’d listened to it for days, she knew every note the instrument sang. Waiting with bated breaths, she thought of what to say, for she had to say something. She couldn’t come all this way just to stay in silence. She shuffled on her feet as she thought... Mistake.

“Who’s there!? ” The singer whipped around to the sound of the shuffle, a note of panic in their voice. “Why are you here?!” The girl whom she addressed concealed herself behind a tree, though she knew she would not stay there. “D-Don’t hide from me, come out!”

The listener obeyed the command, for what else could she do? She had been caught... “Umm... I...” She cut herself short from what was sure to be a long babble of nonsense as her reveal was met by a gasp. “Yes?” She questioned, though the reply she would receive was obvious.

“W-what... what’s wrong with your eyes?”

__________________________________________________________________________   *A Cælytes is a creature of my own creation. Think of them like elves cuz they have long pointed ears. Their name comes from the word celestial... not much else I can say about them really.   Again, reveiws/comments and likes are really appreciated, and motivate me to write more, so yeah... Hope you enjoy it ^-^


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