you know my name not my story

lela is a dancer with the dream of making it big as a back up dancer for one direction. while maddie is a gymnast who dreams of being famous on the olympics what happens when there 2 paths cross and end up being dancers for one direction? read on to find out.


5. what


Lela's POV


everyone was staring at Liam "What?!" she screeched. "you have been harassing another dancer and that is not expectable you need to pack up your stuff and leave or i will call security and have them make you!" he said his voice raising higher. she ran out of the room and left. everyone just stared at me " you didn't have to do that Liam." "yeah I did you were being harassed and that is not far to you." "When is our break going to start?" "in a few days." "yay i am going to pack my stuff." i walked out. the boys came in my room. "hey Lela do you think we could come back to your house during the break because we aren't doing anything and we are closer to you than anyone." Zayn said. "what about Maddie?" "not even her" Niall said. "then you guys can come if you want. but be warned they are crazy! like we joke about putting each other in mental houses." i laugh so do they "we really want to come!" Niall said. they all left to get packed up. tomorrow  was the last concert until we break for a few weeks. I can't wait to see everyone again!

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