you know my name not my story

lela is a dancer with the dream of making it big as a back up dancer for one direction. while maddie is a gymnast who dreams of being famous on the olympics what happens when there 2 paths cross and end up being dancers for one direction? read on to find out.


1. saying goodbye

Lela's POV

I was getting ready because i finally made it big I became a back up dancer for one direction! i was so happy. see I live in Michigan and not to many exciting opportunities happen. when i got the call that i made it as a back up dance I knew that I was on my way to making it big!


Maddie's POV

I started packing for the tour that i made with one direction. It's not what I wanted, I wanted to be a gymnast but a back up dancer is close enough. I mean once i finish the tour i can keep practicing for the 2014 Olympics.   

Lela's POV

i walked to the tour bus that was parked in front of my house everyone was outside waiting for me to say goodbye. My mom, dad, and brother were the first ones i said bye to i told them i loved them and i will see them soon. then I went up to all my brothers friends and we got in a big group hug. they told me not to let any boy steal my heart. lastly i went up to my friends the ones that have been there for me through thick and thin the ones who stayed with me in the roughest parts of my life we all got in a group hug and started crying i told them not to let anyone take my place in the group. they said never. when i got on the tour bus i was the last stop because everyone was just staring at me then they all turned away well they are obviously in a bad mood i said under my breath. I looked out the window and saw all my friends and family fading away in the distance. i sat down on a couch and put my stuff down too. everyone was minding there own business. Until the guys of One direction came out from the back everyone just stared at them like gods. But me and this one girl we were just playing on our phones. "hello love" a British voice said. I looked up and saw all 5 guys in front of me "hi" i said in a small voice. "what's your name?" "lela" i said they nodded " well lela would you like to hang out with us?" Niall asked I shook my head " sorry I am kind of busy." i said looking back down at my phone then my phone started blasting love somebody by maroon 5. i blushed my guy best friend Dylan texted me. " hey babe how is the tour bus?" Louis read out loud. everyone laughed "is this you boyfriend that your busy with?" Harry said " if you must know it is my best guy friend Can you stop looking at my texts please?" i said. and with that I walked away from them and found my room with my name on it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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