you know my name not my story

lela is a dancer with the dream of making it big as a back up dancer for one direction. while maddie is a gymnast who dreams of being famous on the olympics what happens when there 2 paths cross and end up being dancers for one direction? read on to find out.


2. meeting Maddie

Lela's POV

someone knocked on my door "come in." i said. I girl about my age came in " Hi I'm Maddie" she said "I'm lela but i guess you kind of knew that because they just embarrassed me so bad." i said looking down. "don't worry their pretty nice once you get to know them." she said she was very peppy like me. i nodded " so did you come in here for a reason or what?" i asked her " yeah I wanted to know if you want to watch a movie with everyone" " no I am fine i really need to face time my friends back home." she nodded understandingly and walked out. Everyone was liaghing really loud so it must have been a comedy. I was face timing my brother and his friends and all my friends. " hey guys is it lonely without me?" "yeah Lela your brother is so annoying." marco said jokingly we all laughed. "hey i am hurt!" Juan yelled. which made us laugh even harder once we all clamed down " so what happened so far." my best friend Cyndi asked. "well as soon as i walked on the bus everyone was staring at my which was akaward then i sat down and one direction walked in then they came over to me and startd talking then Dylan had to text me and Louis read it out loud." i told then they all bursted out in laughter. "awh my baby sister got embarrassed on her first day." "shut up!" i whined at him. then i was about to start telling them about maddie when someone knock on my door i got up and opened it. "yes." i said it was maddie and the boys "hi whats going on all we can here is laughing coming from your room." Maddie said. "I'm talking to me family and friends back home and they are making fun of me." i told them " can we come in?" Maddie said walking in '' sure you can walk into my room" i said sarcastically "thanks" Louis said back. "okay guys I will call you later." " bye Lela have fun!" Deavyn shouted. "bye Deavyn ill text you guys." i told them then I clicked the end button. '' what do you guys need?" i asked them. "we just wanted to hang out since we don't really know you and we know everyone else." Zayn said. " well what do you want to know?" i asked then " how old are you?" "19" "where are you from?" "michigan'' "are you single?" "um yes" "how many siblings do you have?" " one now can you guys please leave I want to go to sleep and so I can get up early and practice." I told them "but I want to talk to you and get to know you!" Louis whined. "Well you can get to know me tomorrow I want to talk to my friends before I go to bed." I told him. "Wait! can we stay and meet your friends?" Maddie said. " I guess if you want." I told them. I called them back. " Hey guys sorry I have vistors here." i told them. "Oh my frickening god Lela don't flip out but one direction is behind you!" Cyndi screamed. we all laughed. "Thank you Cyndi I did not notice." I said sarcastically. '' Dude I am being completely serious. they are right behind you slowly turn around." she whispered. that's when all everyone on the phone and me bursted into laughter. "Cyndi I know they are here I am there back up dancer Calm down just don't fan girl you little directioner." I told her. " ha fan girl what girl you crazy." she said trying to play it cool. "Okay so you crazy people this is Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis also known as one direction and Maddie another back up dancer on tour." i said they said hi " and one direction and Maddie this is Cyndi, Ana, Delaney, Caitlyn, Amanda my best friends and this is my brother Juan and his best friends Deavyn, Marco, Jordon, John, and Alex. also known as my unbiolagical family besides my brother." I said they waved again. we talked for a while then I told them I was going to bed and ended the call.

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