you know my name not my story

lela is a dancer with the dream of making it big as a back up dancer for one direction. while maddie is a gymnast who dreams of being famous on the olympics what happens when there 2 paths cross and end up being dancers for one direction? read on to find out.


3. first night on tour


Lela's POV


when we ended the call I turned around. " so that was my crazy friends. they like embarrassing each other and me sorry." I told them chuckling. "I like your family they are funny." Louis told me the rest of them nodded. "Thanks they are a crazy bunch but I love them." i told them. they nodded. " well its like 11:00 so i am going to bed night you guys it was fun talking to you." i told them. " yeah make sure to hang out with soon." Liam told me. "okay" i said. they walked out and i went to sleep.

** in the morning**

It was like 8 in the morning and no one was up we stopped at the first place of the tour we are like 3 days earlier so we could practice and run through it. I walked out and we were right by the beach so i went out and brought my phone incase anyone calls and so i can play music to practice. i start the song. getting prepared to dance. safe and sound by Taylor swift was on. i started to dance the music took over my mind i just everything that worried me slip away. when the song ended i ended in a pose. then i heard clapping i turned around and saw Liam. "what are you doing out here this early?" i ask him. " I could ask you the same thing." he chuckled. "okay you saw what i was doing practicing for my dance team back home now you tell me." i said "i was up when you got up you didn't see me so i decided to follow you and see what you were doing. you are a really good dancer." he stated "thank you" i said blushing. i gathered my things and we started walking back to the tour bus. he was telling jokes and when we got back to the to the tour bus i was laughing so hard. everyone was up when we got there. we stopped laughing and then some girl came up to me and asked if i could talk to her. i nodded. " stay away from Liam" she said. "Um what do you mean there is nothing going on between me and Liam. plus you don't even me or my name i pretty sure so leave me alone." i said. " i know enough about you. your name is Lela Hastings and you are from Michigan your brother is name is Juan Carlos Hastings and your mother and father's names are Vanessa and Calvin." she said. " how do you know that and I don't even know your name!" i said my voice rising with every word. " My name is Jessica and your trying to steal my man." she said. she is so fake! "ha your man in your dreams sweetie I don't know Liam well but i know he wont go for fake Barbie's who think they are all that so shut up and leave me alone." i said walking away back into the room and sitting next to Liam. "hey what was that about." he whispered putting his arm around me. " i will tell you the boys, and Maddie later." i whisper back.

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