you know my name not my story

lela is a dancer with the dream of making it big as a back up dancer for one direction. while maddie is a gymnast who dreams of being famous on the olympics what happens when there 2 paths cross and end up being dancers for one direction? read on to find out.


4. enough is enough

Lela's POV

it's been 3 weeks since we started the tour and Vanessa started harassing me. i told my friends about what happened and they started freaking out they want me to come home and just ditch the tour. right now I'm sitting on my tour bus bed crying. Vanessa has gotten worst and a haven't tell told the guys or Maddie. we have gotten really close these past few weeks. there was a knock at my door. i wiped my tears. "come in" i said my voice cracked damn it! Louis walked in"hey we are all going out for pizza do you want to come-hey what's wrong?" he asked. "it's nothing and no i will just stay here." "there is obviously something Lela you can tell me." " look i just really miss my family and they want me to come home for a few days." "Lela do you want to?" i shrugged my shoulders " really want to tell him about Vanessa but i can't" "what about Vanessa?" "what?" "you said something about wanting to tell me about Vanessa what is it?" " Louis i really want to tell you but i can't?" i said starting to cry again. "Lela what did she do to you?" "do you remember a few weeks ago when Vanessa asked to talk to me and me and Liam just got back from the beach?" he nodded. "She started harassing me about Liam and she hasn't stopped since then." His face was turning red. "Lou is something wrong?" i asked. " she has been bulling you and you haven't told anyone. Lela is she hurting you physically?" he said i nodded. "that's freaking it!" he yelled walking out i followed him. "you how could you do that to this poor girl! what has she ever done to you?  nothing! your just jealous because she's pretty, talented, nice, and has a heart unlike you!" he screamed at her. " Lou what's going on?" harry asked. " Vanessa has been harassing Lela for 3 weeks and she hasn't told anyone. I found Lela crying in her room. She told her family and they want her to not finish the tour and come home." Lou yelled. Everyone looked shocked and i just looked down. "Your a bitch i told you not to tell anyone." Vanessa screeched. everyone on the tour bus looked appauled at her. "Lela are you going back home?" Liam whispered everyone stared at me. " i don't know as much as i love being on tour i miss my family and I was bullied in 6th grade and i turned to the razor when i couldn't take it anymore i think it might be better if i did because i am almost at this point." that's when i broke down crying. Maddie rushed over and hugged me "Vanessa you need to leave this tour now." Liam said.

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