Addison is 17, her best friend/sister Kayla is also 17. They move to a new town and a new school. A new beginning. But everything gets so complicated when five hot boys, start noticing them (1D not famous).


13. Zayn.

That night we fell asleep, very quickly. I woke up and put on my clothes back on. I sneak out before Harry wakes up and walk to my home. It's quit a walk but oh well. It starts to rain, when I'm two feet out the front door. Haha, sucks for you rain:) Anyway, I run inside and up to Kayla's room. I don't knock. MISTAKE. I open the door and see Niall and Kayla unclothed, making out. I slowly back up. Into someone. I turn around and see Zayn. 

         "Hello, love." He says. "Zayn... Get out of my house." I say. "I can't stop thinking about you.. I want you to be mine." He says. He pushes me gently into the room, and sits me on the bed,"we need to talk." He says. He sits beside me and rests his hand onto my thigh, moving it up towards my private. "Zayn, stop." I say. Pushing his hand off me. He pushes me onto my back, touching me, touching and teasing my private. I moan. "Zayn Quit!" I exclaim. Trying to push him off me. But it does no good. 

        "Shut the fuck up, or I will hurt you." He says setting a fucking gun beside the bed. Holy shit.  He kisses me, I won't kiss back. He slaps the shit out if me. "Please! Don't do this." I hear Niall's car leave with Kayla. "Good we have the house to ourselves. He says. "Kiss me." He says. "No!" I say. "DO IT." He yells grabbing the gun. I pull his lips to mine, while tears run down my face.

         His hand, rubs my private, hard and I let out loud moans. "Uhhh... Stop Zayn!!" I try. He strips off my over clothes and leaves me in my underwear and bra. He takes off his short and pants. "Your going to fucking rape me?!!" I yell. 

        He just smiles. "I want you Addison, but you don't want me back." He says. He kisses me passionately, I half kiss back. He slides down my underwear,"please! Don't!" I yell. He slaps me again. He teases me before thrusting his fingers in. I moan and cry. I hurts. He takes them out and just before he's about to put in his length, I punch him in the face. "You bitch!" He exclaims. He slaps me, and I pull up my underwear, and grab the gun, and hold it to his face.

       He laughs at me. "You can't shoot me." He says. "Your right....I can't." I say. And I walk up to him, and kiss him. "I knew you wanted me." He says. "You were wrong." I say as I kick him in the balls, when he leans over, I knew him in the face. He drops to the ground. I knocked him. Out. I grab my clothes and drop the gun. He is gunna kill me! But I can't just kill him.... I get dressed, and run to Harry's apartment in the rain. I open the door and see Harry looking at me confused. That's when I start sobbing into his shoulder.

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