Addison is 17, her best friend/sister Kayla is also 17. They move to a new town and a new school. A new beginning. But everything gets so complicated when five hot boys, start noticing them (1D not famous).


9. School again:)

Kayla's POV•••••

I wake up to the alarm on my phone. That I will make sure Addison Does not chunk against the wall-.- I get up and yell,"WAKE UP I FOUND MUSTACHIO!!" In Addison's face. She sits up so fast, it scares me! I jump back and start laughing my ass off!:) "Get up! We have school in an hour." I tell her. She won't move. She sits up and just sits there like a statue, I grab a pillow and throw it at her face.

      "Did you just peg me in the face with a dodgeball?" She ask, fixing to burst out laughing. She gets up and runs with me to the bathroom,"Hey, Addison? What's going on between you and harry?" I ask. "I don't really know, I really like him but... Zayn likes me too. And I'm so confused. But tonight I have a date with Harry!!" She exclaims. I can tell Harry makes her happy. And if she's happy, I'm drunk. JUST KIDDING. I'm happy too:)

        I neatly French braid my hair to the side and I offer to do Addison's hair. "Nah. I like my messy bun. I don't give a single unicorn about my hair." She says. I have to admit, the bun was made for her!:) "Addison...? Can you please let me pick out your whole outfit today...?," I beg.  She hesitates and then nods. 

        Addison's thin figure and her ghetto booty, looks good in a lot of things. But I think it's cute when she wears fringe shorts. I grab her a pair of dip dyed blue fringe shorts, a flow shirt, and a pair of zebra print sperries. Cute. I hand it to her and say,"please, please, no hoodie today!!" I beg her. She is so beautiful without it!! But all she wants to do is close everyone out of her life. I won't allow that.

       She reluctantly hands over her hoodie. I throw it on the bed. She gets dressed and I put on a pair of matching fringe dip dyed purple shorts, some cheers print toms, and a neon purple tank top. CUTE;) 

        We grab our bags and walk to school. "Oh! Addison I forgot to tell you but Niall.... Is picking me up...." I feel so bad!!! "It's alright!! I need the exercise!" She laughs. She.does.not. Lol. So Niall picks me up and drives me to school.



She left me. Her and Niall drove of into the sunset. Like, are you fucking kidding me? Sure! I'll walk to school by myself! I don't care if I get kidnapped and fed to narwhales! I mean, really? I don't even care any more. Ughhhhh. That's why I like being in my hoodie. 

       I walk about three steps when I hear a motorcycle, I look over and see Zayn on a motorcycle. Driving up to me. Shit. "Need a ride?" He asks. "No, I'm good." I say looking off. "Seriously Addison, I can't control the fact I like you. I just.. Can't. But that doesn't mean I can't give you a ride." And then. I mess up. I get on the bike. Shit.

       We get to the school and I say thanks, then run into the building. I'm such an idiot! Ugh. I run a little to fast and I run into harry. "Hey, Addison. I was looking for you, babe. Tonight were gunna go clubbing alright?" I nod. 

       Clubbing...? I've never been clubbing. "Niall and Kayla are gunna be there too, okay?" He asks. "Sounds great!" I say. He walks me to class and the day begins.




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