Addison is 17, her best friend/sister Kayla is also 17. They move to a new town and a new school. A new beginning. But everything gets so complicated when five hot boys, start noticing them (1D not famous).


4. No freaking way

Addison's POV:)

I was glad to get away from Harry and Zayn. Yayyyy:D. I keep my hood up the ought the day and ignore every one as always. This is the life I love<3 anyway, When language arts ends I have lunch. So I walk to my locker, open it, put all my crap in, and close it. And harry, is standing right there and HE ALMOST GIVES ME A HEART ATTACK!! (Heart attaaaack lol. Sorry love that song:)) 

     "Hello, love" he says. "Hello, stalker." I answer and try to walk away. No luck. "I'm not a stalker for one, for two, I am driving you to the movies where we are gunna meet up with your sister and my friends." He says. NO FREAKING WAY!!:/ ugh. "No..." I say. "Meet me in the parking lot after detention," he says, then winks. QUIT WINKING YOU PERVERT. Lol. (At my school if you wink at someone, you are mentally raping them, but that doesn't apply in this story;))

       He walks away, leaving me open mouthed and mad. I can't believe this. OMG. Seriously? Kayla must have done this. Ugh. Kayla I am going to KILL you (with love, maybe..).  Anyway. I walk to lunch, where Kayla is waiting for me by the door. "KAYLA WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME! I AM NOT RIDING WITH HARRY THE STALKER!!" I yell at her. 

      She just laughs and says," calm down, I'm riding with Niall. And we'll meet up!" She says happily. Niall?? Who the freak is Niall? She sees me all confused and says," he's the really cute and sweet blonde one." She smiles at this. She is in love. Crap. Ahhhhhh. Why do you do this to me mustachio????

        Any way, she pulls me through the lunch line where we get salads and other girly stuff. Then she sits down at a table. A random table. And then Niall comes and sits by her. Followed by the rest of the guys, and Harry and Zayn. I stand up and try to turn away,"I'm out." I say. But Zayn grabs my arm and pulls me back down beside him. "No your not." 

        "Let me go or I will hurt you." I say. He pulls me back down. And I do what I was taught. "RAPE!!RAPE!!! HELP ME!!" Everyone looks at me and I point to Zayn:) he lets go and covers my mouth. "Really, Addison? Really?" I nod and get up, but then Kayla grabs my arm and whispers in my ear,"sit the fuck down and be social or I will tell them how you are afraid of clowns and butterflies." She says. "You wouldn't." I say. "Try me." She says. She pushes me back to the table and I sit between Harry and Zayn. Great. I push my lunch for ward and give a death glare to Kayla.

       I put my hood up and slowly put my head on the table. And I just stay like that. While everyone talks about me. "She's not much of a social butterfly guys." I hear Kayla say. "I can tell." I hear some guy say. "Louis is right." Zayn says. So the other guy was Louis. How nice, Louis.

      "I have an idea..." I hear harry say. Then all I hear is whispers. They stop whispering and they all get up and leave. Except for Kayla. I look up and she says,"lets go to the bathroom." She says. I follow her to the bathroom. "Take off the hoodie." She says. "No!" I say. "Take the damn hoodie off." She says. "Then I'll let you put it back on." She smiles. I remember all the secrets she know about me. I take it off. She grabs it from me and runs down the hall where Zayn is standing in front of his locker. She throws it in and he closes it. Zayn smiles at me.

       "You little..." I run back to the girls bathroom." I run into a stall and lock it. Kayla comes In close behind. "Come on Addison! Come out!! Or else I will get harry too get you out!" She say. "THIS IS THE GIRLS BATHROOM." I say. But then I hear someone walk in and then kick the stall open. Harry.

        He grabs me and tosses me over my shoulder. "I am going to KILL YOU Kayla!!!" I say trying to make him let go.

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