Addison is 17, her best friend/sister Kayla is also 17. They move to a new town and a new school. A new beginning. But everything gets so complicated when five hot boys, start noticing them (1D not famous).


1. New Beginning

Authors note: I'm so mad! I just write this chapter and it deleted it!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! Ugh. Anyway. I will rewrite it because I love you all. And I have nothing else to do😊


••••••Addison's POV••••••

"Beeeeeeep, BEEP, BEEP." My alarm clock. I sit up real fast and grab the damned thing and chunk it against the wall,"IM TRYING TO SLEEP!" I yell at the pieces. "Really, Addison? Really?" My sister asks. Well she's not really my sister she's my best friend. But her parents are... In trouble so my mom got custody over her. Her name is KAYLA;) "did you just break my 100$ alarm clock, that's a radio, MP3 player and compatible with my iPhone? I am going to fucking kill you." She says. Then we freeze. And bust out laughing. "Kayla! You bought that at a garage sale for 57¢!!! And it only wakes us up!!!" I say laughing. 

       "Let a girl dream!!" She exclaims. "GET UP!" She yells at me. We jump up and run to the bathroom. We could be sisters. We look a lot alike!! We both have long brown hair, mine goes to the middle of my spine. Hers goes just below her shoulders. We both have colored tips, mine red, hers blue. Her eyes are a beautiful brown and mine a piercing blue-green. We both have naturally clear faces. We are both tall for her age, her being a centimeter taller. 

        Anyways, we brush out our hair, and then I throw mine up into a messy bun. While she takes 10 minutes braiding and perfecting her hair. Afterwards I throw on a black shirt that says "I hate everyone" and some light blue skinny jeans, and a pair of toms. Not much. Then I put on my favorite hoodie that says "GO AWAY" in all capitals. It describes me so well. By the way, I'm not much of a social butterfly. Not much if social anything, all I do is listen to music and ignore everyone. 

        But Kayla is a social butterfly in all ways possible. That's why she has has more boyfriends than me:P Any way, she puts on a blue float shirt and white skinny jeans and a pair of black cut off boots. She looks CUTE:) 

       "Take off the damn hoodie." She says. She hates that all I wanna do is 'hide my beauty with the stupid hoodie' according to her. "No. Please just let me be!" I say. And she lets me, not wanting to though. 

        I grab my denim back pack, and she grabs an expensive side bag. Ugh. She is so bootyful!! We go out the door and walk to school, it's only five blocks. On the way we talk about how school is gunna be. "Do you think it will be normal?" She asks. She did not just ask that. "No, Kayla. I think that unicorns will be our teachers and our class mates will be narwhales." I say sarcastically. But still we laugh our butts of together. 

         We get to the front of the school when Kayla pinches me. "Dafuq was that for???!!!" I say punching her arm. "Stop! Look!" She say while pointing to five guys. Let me correct that five super HOT guys. "Oh. Cool." I say, going casual. But on the Inside I am freaking out. They are hot!! I pull her into the school and she stops me," We aren't gunna talk to them?!" IS SHE CRAZY? 

       "No way in hell!!!" I say, walking into the school. She reluctantly follows. We walk to the office and get our schedules. "Uhm... We need Middleton and Jones schedule please."  Kayla asks, of course. The principal hands is our schedule. We only have five classes together!!! 

        Even though we are sad about that we start our day together in the introduction to the new year. 


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