Addison is 17, her best friend/sister Kayla is also 17. They move to a new town and a new school. A new beginning. But everything gets so complicated when five hot boys, start noticing them (1D not famous).


6. Detention

Authors note: I just realized the other chapter was called detention and it had nothing to do with detention, but oh we'll. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, YOUNG READERSON. 


Kayla's POV••••••

I cannot believe Addison right now. She bloodied a random girls nose. But I am also very proud of my little bitch. I mean she is so much like me!! After she left to the boys athletics I walked up to Kelly. "Uhm.. Excuse me. But I would appreciate it if you didn't mess with my sister and I. Because if you do, she and I will break your face. And thanks for the time." I say and walk away. PLAY. IT. COOL;) I walk away and go to my next class, it's with Addison!! Yay:) 

      Classes pass fast. (<lol that's fun to say.). Finally school ends and the boys and Kayla have detention. And of course, I don't. So I walk to the closest fast food store Dairy Queen, only two blocks away!:) I get, like, ten burgers and bring them back to the school. I sit in front of the school and eat meh burger.

       I end up doing a bunch of kart wheels when I get bored. I got to thirteen in a row and I get dizzy and I fall down. And I hear laughter. Detention is over. The boys are sitting there staring at me and laughing and Addison is talking to Zayn. I see Addison and Zayn walk back into the school, but the thing that frightened me is the look Of jealousy I saw on Harry's face. Does he... Like like her? He must.

       I don't know. But they run back out a few minutes later, and Addison has on her hoodie. Nooooooooo! Lol. So all boys get in the car with Niall except for harry who drives his own car. Him and Addison get in. But I can see the look on Addison's face, she isn't too happy. But I have my own things to worry about. 

      Niall lets me sit in the passenger seat, Zayn, Louis, and Liam ride in the back. All squished together:) I can't help but laugh. 

       Niall and I smile at each other and then he drives off and follows harry. It's a longer drive than I thought but we finally get there and I am glad. When we walk out, Niall grabs my hand. And I see harry and Addison giggling, they must have.. Sorted out their differences.


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