Addison is 17, her best friend/sister Kayla is also 17. They move to a new town and a new school. A new beginning. But everything gets so complicated when five hot boys, start noticing them (1D not famous).


5. Detention

Harry finally put me down after, like, the bell rang. "I'll walk you to class." He says. "I WANT MY HOODIE!" I say. "Where is Zayn?!!" I ask. "Your not getting that hoodie back. Come on, love. Let everyone see your beautiful." He says looking up and down my body. PERVERT. I walk away but he grabs my hand. And won't let go. "Just let me walk you to class." He says, giving me puppy dog eyes. I can't turn down the puppy dog eyes.... "Fine." I say. And he walks me to athletics. 

        "Have fun. I'm going to see you down at the football field. Well be watching y'all girls." He winks. STOP WINKING. Ahhhhh. He lets go of me and goes to the boys field house and I go to the girls. I walk in a there are like 50 girls in here. One of them walks up to me,"stay away from harry, you bitch." I can't take this. She pushes me against the lockers. Oh my gosh. Go away! "Anyway, touch him and I will beat the shit out of you." She says. "Oh, yes mam!" I say sarcastically, she raises her hand and slaps me, and I punch her square in the nose. "Bitch. I do not slap." I say as she shrivels on the ground.

         The teacher runs in and sees me standing over the girl and her shriveling on the ground. "KELLY? Are you okay?" She exclaims running to her side. She looks up at me and says, go to the boys field house and tell Coach Brown you need to do the trouble maker workout." She says. Ugh. Kayla walks up to me and gives me a fist bump. BOOM BITCH THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE:) 

       I walk over to the guys field house and walk in. Boys are everywhere. But only like 15. Harry sees me and smiles. "What did you do?" He asks. "How'd you know I was in trouble?" I ask. "Miss Strong always send he trouble makers to do boot camp with the boys when they do something bad." He says. "I punched some girl in the face because she slapped me." I say and he looks at me like I'm crazy. "Wow. Good Job. Sounds like she deserved it." He says, fist bump!:) LoL. So he points to coach brown and I describe it all overto him and he just laughs and welcomes me to his class today.

      All the boys are staring at me. Uhm.. BOO? QUIT STARING AT ME, MAYBE? Ugh!!! Anyways, the coach makes us do all kinds of exercises and stuff, expexpect me to break like the girl I am. But I make it through it just as easily as the boysdo. Am I supposed to like break down and cry or something? I mean Jeeze! All the guys watch me, as I do the exercises. 

        The class ends and the coach comes up to me and says," you are a natural athlete, you know that?" I nod. He lets me go to class, and harry walks up beside me. "You should get in trouble every day. It was fun for all the boys to watch you bounce around." He smirks. "You are such a fucking pervert." I say. He just laughs and says hell see me in detention.

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