Addison is 17, her best friend/sister Kayla is also 17. They move to a new town and a new school. A new beginning. But everything gets so complicated when five hot boys, start noticing them (1D not famous).


8. Date;)

Addison's POV••••••

The movie ended, and Louis woke us up. I didn't want to wake up!! Harry and I got up and walked back to the car. Through out the car ride we talked, a lot. He said that he really liked me. Like a lot. And I told him I liked him to, because so think I do... 

      He dropped me off and told me to get some sleep. I nodded. "Good night to you too Harry." I say. He walks me to the door and kisses my cheek. "Good bye for today, love" he says as I walk inside.

      I run up the stairs and was for Kayla but, I fall asleep waiting. I wake up when she opens the door, like five minutes later. She jumps in bed too. And we fall asleep.



I'm sorry but it's gunna be a few days before I update, but until then you can comment any ideas or if you want to be Liam's girlfriend: comment below and describe yourself and age!!:) my favorite will be the one chosen!! (I may use others as other people in the story!!) and thanks for reading! If you want a fan FIC made for you, describe yourself and what you want It to be about!

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