Slave for you

Gemma is an ordinary girl until she stumbles onto a job in a palace, she ends up being a made for the prince James. The unlucky thing is; she's falling in love with him while he looks on her as a servant


4. Wow, she's good

James suddenly pushes me down on the bed and before I know it, he's on me, shirtless. Passionately kissing me. So many things are going through my mind right now, but they say live for the moment don't they? After considering things, I grab James's neck and pull him closer to me.

James's P.O.V

Wow, she's good, I thought, submissive too. What could I do next? I trail my kisses from her lips down to her neck, kissing and sucking softly, she moans I smirk I start to bite and she moans even louder. I start undoing my trousers while she takes off her shirt I'm in my boxers while she fumbles with shorts button. after its undone, she strips the shorts off her legs.

Gemma's P.O.V

Oh my God are we going all the way? I hope so.....



Sorry for the short chapter!!

Love you all


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