Slave for you

Gemma is an ordinary girl until she stumbles onto a job in a palace, she ends up being a made for the prince James. The unlucky thing is; she's falling in love with him while he looks on her as a servant


1. Gemma

Hi, my name is Gemma and I'll tell you some things about me.

I'm 18 (just finished school)

I have a lot of A's in my GCSE's

I am a maid in a palace.


Let me tell you how the whole maid thing started. Basically, on the last day of school it was pouring hard and I'd missed the bus. Fantastic. So I had to walk home absolutely soaking wet when I bumped into someone.

"Hey watch it!" The mystery man said.

"Oh gosh I'm so sorry, are you ok?" I say in a small voice with no way of hiding my embarrassment.

"I am fine, thank you." The mystery man says straightening out his suit, I bring myself to look into his eyes then I realise who he is. He's the prince. Prince James! I've got to say though, he was fine!

I start mentally smiling like a doofus. I then mentally slap myself very very hard.

"Who are you?" Prince James said in an authorative voice.

"Erm, my n-n-name I-is Gemma" I said stuttering ugh IDIOT I thought! You made yourself look attractive there Gem!

"Would you like a job, Gemma?" He says questioning me, him smirking as if to say you need one by the look of you. In some way; he's teasing me but I wasn't sure how.

"Uh yeah thanks" I say on the outside I was straight faced but on the inside I was like asdfghjkl;

"Here." Prince James says handing me a form and a phone number.

"Thanks!" I nod and run home, I couldn't wait to tell my mum that I had a job!!

But what do I say to her?



I know its only the first chapter but I'm already running out of ideas! Please read and comment and help me with stuff, its only my second movella! Also, I'm gonna need a name for people that read my books aren't I? What about cupcakes?

Bye Cupcakes!


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