Slave for you

Gemma is an ordinary girl until she stumbles onto a job in a palace, she ends up being a made for the prince James. The unlucky thing is; she's falling in love with him while he looks on her as a servant


3. Arriving at the Palace

So, I'm driving in Prince James's car and we get to the palace



This place is huge! I pull up and James lets me out of the car, I grab my suitcase and bag and we walk up to the Palace doors. James mumbles something and the door opens I look up and see the ceiling painted with cherubs. I gasp in awe. James just laughs and puts his arm around my shoulder.

"How do you like it Gemma?" He whispers in my ear. For once I was speechless, I just nod and smile,

"Come on" James whispers again, his voice hoarse, I wonder what he sounds like in the morning. My guess is super hot. I'm going to be spending so much time with him its unreal, how I'm not going to kiss him I'm not sure.

We walk into his room, unlike the rest of the Palace, its so light and spacious,

"Wow" I breathed because I really was in shock. James laughed again and gestured to the bed.

"Set your bags down there" James commands. Wow he's even hot when he's being assertive and commanding. Oh my God, I don't know if I can take this. But then something shocks me. He's unbuttoning his shirt. What the hell is he doing? His voice snaps me back to reality,

"Gemma, I need you to get me a shirt out of the wardrobe" He commands again, wow, he really can be bossy and hot at the same time.

I strut over to the wardrobe, determined to look as hot as I can, I open the wardrobe and tilt my head slightly,

"Which one, Sir?" I say, trying to be sexy. James copies me and struts over to the wardrobe shirtless. Oh my God!! I nearly pass out!

"Which one do you think best? Maid?" James says softly, then does the unthinkable...

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