Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


11. You're still my best friend

     I place my fist upon the hard surface of the door and knock three times. I should probably get a key next time I share a room with someone. 

     "Hey," Louis says, in a very happy tone. 

     "Hi," I respond, going to my suitcase and pulling out an outfit for the day. A pair of comfortable jean shorts and a green tee shirt. Might as well be comfortable if we're going to be on a plane. 

     "So, you're into boys clothes now?" he laughs as he takes in my appearance. 

     "Well I wouldn't have to have worn these if you weren't asleep in here last night. I had to stay with Liam because I didn't want to wake you up," I respond while heading to the bathroom. 

     "Scarlet, you're still my best friend, well at least I hope so. You can wake me up at any hour of the night, and I won't care. I might not stay awake long enough to talk, but I can at least open a door for you," he explains. I don't think he knows the emotional meaning behind that statement. He opened a door for me to a whole new world, a whole new experience. A whole new life.

     "Louis, can I ask you something?"


     "Well, I mean... um. I thought I came all this way for you, but I think maybe I came all this way for you as a friend but I may or may not be attracted to someone else here," I splutter out, not caring if it makes sense or not. 

     "First off that's a statement, not a question. And second, I've already told you, I can't keep you from my best mate, you've already figured that out."

     "Thank you Louis, I don't know what I would do without you," I whisper.

     "Come give me a hug!" he exclaims, holding out his arms. I laugh loudly and hug him back.

     "Okay, now I have to change before Liam calls the police to come search for me." Louis just chuckles and sits back on the bed, scrolling through something on his phone. I head into the bathroom and slip out of Liam's clothes and into mine. I folds his clothes up in a neat pile and set them on the side of the sink. 

     I brush my hair and teeth, then apply a bit of mascara to my eyelashes. I let my hair fall in it's natural waves down my back and head out of the bathroom. 

     After I zip my suitcase back up, Louis shouts really loudly. 


     "Jesus, you can let me know but you don't have to burst my eardrums! What time is it now anyways?" 

     "It is 9:14, my dear." I just nod and head out of the room, back into Liam's room. He is setting the food down on the table and he gives me a big smile when he takes in my appearance. 

     "Hi," I mumble shyly and my cheeks turn pink. This boy will be the death of me. 

     "You need to stop being so shy, you look gorgeous," he states, walking over to me. 

     "I'm wearing a tee shirt and shorts." It sounds more like I'm asking him this instead of telling him. 

     "I noticed. Well I brought you some food." He gestures to the mounds of muffins and coffee on the table in their little kitchen. 


     "Well, actually, it's for everyone. But I would start eating before Niall gets out of the shower.

     I nod and walk over to the table, grabbing a butter rum muffin and taking a bite. Soon the other three boys come rushing in and Niall comes out of the bedroom area. 

     "FOOD!" They all yell at once and hurry to the table. I yelp and Liam pulls me out of the way, laughing.

     After the boys settle down a bit I take a seat at the table again. I'm disgusted by the way Niall is shoving food into his mouth. "You're a pig," I speak out loud, causing everyone to chuckle. 

     "Do you want some coffee?" Liam asks me politely. Before I can respond, Louis speaks up for me. 

     "She doesn't like coffee." He says this before he really thinks about it and everyone just stares at him. "Um, I'm sorry. I should have let you answer on your own."

     "It's okay, you're my best friend, you should still know these things." I smile politely at him and he seems to relax slightly. I glance at Liam and he actually looks quite flustered. I stand up and walk over to him, wrapping my arms around him. 

     "Thank you though," I whisper into his ear. 

     "You're mine," he growls, low enough so only I can hear it. He put his hands on my waist and just looks into my eyes. I nod my head, allowing him to do what he wants to do, and soon enough, I feel his lips on mine. Only for a second, but they were definitely there. 

     "Oh and you say I'M gross!" Niall exclaims. Louis is laughing so hard I think he might pee himself and Zayn and Harry look very confused, but they continue eating. 

     This is going to be the longest six months of my life. 






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