Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


20. What just happened?

A/N- Okay, wow. I didn't even know this story got over 110 reads, and I check it again to see today that it has 228, thank you guys. I also appreciate your patience with me when it comes to updating, I know I don't do it often and I'm sorry. 



*Scar's POV*


"We're here!" Niall exclaims, causing me to jump in my seat and rub my eyes. Deja vu...

"Huh?" I ask drowsily.

"I said we're here." So wait.. I didn't write those things? Thank God, it was just a dream. I honestly don't know what I would have done if that was true. This time when I exit the car, it's more calm and I walk towards the elevator slowly, careful to not cause a scene. Holding my breathe when we step in, I wait for the familiar ding of the elevator to signal we can exit. 

I make my way towards mine and Louis' door, and open it, surprised to see it's propped open. I see my phone laying on the table and run over to it, just to see that's it's dead. I don't remember the last time I charged it.

I take a seat on the bed next to Louis and look over at him. He's sleeping, his breathing even and light. His hair is laying across his forehead and I can't resist the urge to push it back. I want, no, I need Louis back. So bad, maybe he can help me remember some things. Before my hand touches his face, a flashback hits me like a ton of rocks.

I'm on the swing in my back yard and a little blonde boy is pushing me. I see a red headed girl standing by the back door laughing at something another boy had said.

Who were all these people and why were they at my house?

It was as if I was living as a kid again, I felt the wind whip my hair back as Niall pushed me.

"Higher Niall!" I yelled, causing the ginger to laugh again.

"Okay Scar!" The wind picked up and soon I was soaring through the sky, I felt free, but I was no longer seated on the swing.

"Louis!" Niall yelped from behind me. Then the scene changed, I was still falling, but this time it was out of a tree. An older Louis caught me in his arms and kissed my forehead, causing the both of us to laugh. I went to kiss him, but before I did anything, I pushed back the hair that had fallen onto his forehead in the spur of the moment. 

"Scarlet?" This wasn't the flashback Louis talking anymore, because our lips were connected, and this Louis sounded tired.

"Scarlet?" I heard once more, then I felt a hand on my thigh and I was harshly shoved back into reality.

I saw Louis' hand on my thigh and he had a scared look on his face.

"I've seen that face before, what did you remember?" his voice was gentle and soft as he urged me to talk to him.

"Nothing, really. Thank you for finding my phone," I held the device up in my hands as a gesture. "But do you have a charger?" He pointed across the room to a white cord that was stuck into the wall. I reached it and as I bent over to plug my phone in, I felt eyes on my back. I turned around to see a blushing Louis when he noticed he had been caught.

"Sorry," he mumbled, his cheeks getting brighter. I had already forgotten when we were supposed to leave, so I decided to use that as a conversation started with Louis.

"When are we leaving? I mean, when will they have the new bus done?" I hated the idea of them spending extra money on a bus for me, when this might be the only tour I would accompany them on.

"We've got a show tonight, and then two shows tomorrow, one during the day and one at night. Then I think we'll leave the next day, probably around 6 in the morning," he graciously replied, not stuttering over a single word.

"Well, I'll go back to my room with Niall, sorry to intrude. By the way, where's Zayn?"

"Uhh, I think he's in Liam and Harry's room, you don't have to go though! You should stay, please? We can watch tv, or something! We can hang out for the next two hours, but then we've got to get ready for the show."

"Sure." I'm glad I still have on comfortable clothes, otherwise this wouldn't be as fun. Hanging out with someone in uncomfortable clothes is the worst.

"Lay with me," Louis almost whispers. I nod, I don't want to take anything too far too fast, but when I curl up into Louis' side, all those thoughts disappear. It's like we're the last two pieces of the puzzle that fit together perfectly. He switches on the television, but I don't see much before I drift off to sleep.

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