Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


3. This isn't what I planned

     When I turn around and look the boy dead in the eyes, he recognizes me almost immediately. I stand up and begin to walk out the other doors when he runs up to me and stops my by grabbing my arm.

     "Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you Scarlet Mason?" the beautiful boy asks.

     "No I think you have the wrong person, sorry," I say continuing to look down.

     He puts a hand under my chin, pulling my face up, forcing me to look into his eyes. He hasn't changed physically, and neither have I. 

     "I wasn't born yesterday you know," he laughs and picks me up, spinning me around. 

     "Put me down, Niall," I demand. He seems stunned at first, but puts my feet back on the ground. 

     "What happened to you? You used to make everyone forget. You tried to make me forget that I was your best friend, you even tried to forget me. But I could never forget you, do you remember anything now? Have you decided to make your life better?" he asks, sounding sarcastic, but I know he's dead serious. I don't respond. "I can still read you, Scarlet, you're obviously trying to fix things."

     "How did you find me?" I ask, still avoiding his question.

     "Actually, we're touring America and happened to be in Oregon, and I just so happened to be hungry..." his voice trails off and I get lost in his eyes, his Irish accent becomes thicker as he begins to talk faster, but I'm not really listening. I remember everything we did as kids, as teenagers, sneaking out together because we were neighbors and it was just that easy. He was my past too, I want to put him in my future like how I want to put Louis back in my future.

     "How's Louis?" I interrupt him going on and on about his tour and food. Wait... no. I don't want to know how he is, I tried to forget him and even though I want him back in my future... I can't ruin anything else. It would kill me.

     "Er... actually... he's doing the same thing you're doing, he's trying to remember. You two used to be so in love, and he wants to remember that, he wants- no, he needs you back. You can help him and he can help you. He can help you remember and you can do the same for him."

     Tears begin to form in my eyes as he speaks, I've missed him and Harry, they were my best friends. Zayn used to be the one who listened to me and Liam was the one who would punish me for misbehaving. He would tell me that I was going to ruin my life if I kept doing bad things, like going out every night. And Louis... Louis was the one who would love me, no matter what kind of decisions I made, he was there for me, helping me. I thought we would end up hurting each other so we began to forget, which made it harder for us to remember. Forgetting became a part of our everyday lives.

     The tears fall freely, staining my cheeks as I wrap my arms around Nialls neck. I've missed everyone so much, I want to see them again.

     "I've missed you!" I say, still crying. Thank god this place is empty, and the waiters have decided not to show up yet. "I want to fix everything I've messed up, I thought my future would be better if I forgot, but it's just gotten worse, I need those five crazy teenagers back in my life!"

     "Come on tour with us. Finish out the tour with us, for me," he pleads. Everything is moving so fast, I was supposed to have a job interview today, this wasn't how I scheduled- you know what? Never mind. Forget scheduling. I nod my head in agreement and he cheers and kisses my forehead.

     "No... I can't. Ignore everything I've said so far. It's wrong... never mind... Goodbye Niall." I say trying to leave.

     "Woah, hold it there. Don't you think there's a reason we've run into each other again? It says something, it says we need each other again. I need you..." he mumbles the last part, but I still know he said it.

     After all this time, after avoiding all of those magazines so I wouldn't see their faces anymore, I might be living with them.

     "Okay. You're right. I'll go, I don't have anything else to do, my life is basically nothing anymore."

     "Oh, trust me. We can fix that," he says winking. I laugh a little bit as I grab my wallet, keys and phone and walk outside with him. 

     "We can take my car," I suggest as I see him pull out his phone and his index finger hovers over the contact name 'Management'. 

     "That would be great... erm which one is yours? The  little red one over there?" He points to a tiny red sports car parked way farther away from Waffletown than any customer would park. I laugh and point to my actual vehicle.

     "Woah! Nice!" He exclaims jogging over to it and hopping into the passenger seat. I walk over and get into the driver's seat. Checking the clock it reads 7:45, better call off that interview. 

     "Do me a favor and hold my phone while I call this store," I say to Niall. He gladly takes my phone after I dial the number. He presses the speaker button and I wait for Mike to answer. But I don't get Mike.

     "Thank you for calling Amber's flowers and coffee, how may I help you?" It's a light, friendly girl voice.

     "Actually I was calling for Mike, is he around?" I ask.

     "May I ask who is calling?" the girl says.

     "Scarlet Mason," I respond.

     "Hold one moment please." I hear her set the phone down on the counter and I glance over at Niall.

     "Where to?" I whisper.

     "Just take this exit up here, our hotel is pretty far away, I wanted to get away from all the scr-" but he is cut off by a deep man's voice.

     "Scarlet! How are you? Why didn't you just call my personal number?" Mike asks, sounding very enthused.

     "I'm doing great Mike, and sorry, I wasn't thinking straight, but I think I'm going to have to cancel or postpone that interview. I used to be really close with a... famous boy band. But they don't live in America and I just so happened to bump into one of them today and he has invited me to go on the rest of their tour with him."

     "And may I ask whom this boy is?" Mike's voice asks through the phone. 

     I look at Niall and see a smirk on his face as I reply, "Niall Horan."

     "WHAT! Niall HORAN! From ONE DIRECTION! Are you serious Scar?!" I can tell that Mike is probably jumping up and down from excitement.

     "Yes, that Niall Horan." It's getting harder for Niall and I to contain our laughter when Mike begins to squeal.

      "Well, since I know their tour is lasting for another six months, you can have the job. I trust you and I know you pretty well. Until you get back and are ready to work, I'll have someone fill in for you."

     "Really! Thank you so much Mike! Well I have to go. Goodbye!" I say, very happy.

     "Bye Scar." And the line goes dead.

     "I guess today is my lucky day. But I kind of have to pack. Let's head back to mine," I say, maneuvering my way through the cars so I can turn around.

      Today has definitely taken a better turn than I thought it would, I think as I pull up to my apartment building.


A/N- Sorry guys, I know this chapter is basically crap and I'm sorry. I'm not proud of it but just hang in there with me, because I promise, it will get better :) 

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