Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


15. Stuck in a stairwell

     "How was Nando's?" I ask Niall as we settle into the hotel room. I opted to room with Niall because I can trust him. He is my best friend after all. 

     "Is that even a question?" he laughs, throwing himself down on the bed and flicking on the television. 

     "I heard their Peri-Peri Chicken is good?" With Niall, all conversations are comfortable. You don't have to worry about him hiding anything from you because he's basically an open book, if you're on his good side.

     "The best! You ever been?" he begins to get curious. I shake my head for my answer. I never really liked to go out to restaurants alone, unless it was for breakfast. He gasped loudly and I thought he had lost interest in our conversation and was shocked at the TV.

     But when I turned my attention to him, he was staring at me wide-eyed and his mouth was agape. 

     "Let's go then!" he shouts. I laugh at the way he jumped over the couch and ran to the front door. 

     "Niall, you JUST left there not even forty five minutes ago!"

     "SO?!" I tell him I'm not even hungry and he begins to ask what I've had to eat today. Half a muffin and half a cookie...

     "We're going, NOW!" He grabs my wrist and yanks me out of the room, dragging me to the elevator. 

     "No, no, no!" I successfully get out of Niall's grip and head down the stairs. 

     "Meet you down there!" he shouts, and gets into the elevator. I've never been a fan of swearing, but trust me, I'm cursing him out more than he will ever know in my head right now. Since I truly hate elevators, I've become equipped to walking down stairs fairly fast. As the door at the bottom of the steps comes within arms reach, I stick my hand out to grab it, but someone pulls me back.

     Instinctively, I bring my elbow back into the man's gut but he doesn't budge. 

     "LET ME GO!!" I scream as loud as I can, hoping that Niall has already gotten off the elevator and can hear me. 

     "Come on baby, I wont hurt you," the man whispers into my ear and his voice sends chills down my spine. I don't know what to do anymore, I never thought I would be in a situation like this. I try to kick him and hit him some more but he stops me. 

     "Let's not do that, yeah? Let's just have some fun...." NO! I don't want to figure out what his definition of 'fun' is! I scream for Niall but the man just puts his hand over my mouth.

     "Stop screaming, no one's going to come save you," he whispers harshly, kicking me and throwing me on the ground. "Now keep it down!" He presses something cold and metal against my side. Come on Niall, where are you?



Niall's POV


     "HELP!" I scream, banging on the doors of the elevator, I've pressed the emergency button about a thousand times but the lights just wont come on. 

     As soon as I hit the floor of the lobby, the elevator just broke down, lights and all. I could faintly hear what was going on outside and that's when I heard my name. Someone was screaming it. But it wasn't a fan screaming for attention, it was a more familiar voice. Screaming for help.

     "Scarlet?!" I try screaming again but no one can hear me. I reach into my pockets and hurriedly grab for my phone. He answers after two rings.

     "Hey mate where did you go?" Louis voice cheerily speaks.

     "Lou! Listen, Scar took the stairs and I took the elevator but it broke down, she needs help! I can hear her screaming BUT I CAN'T GET OUT OF HERE!!" I shout into the receiver and towards the door hoping someone can hear me. "Mate, listen, bring Harry, Liam, and Zayn with you, take the steps! Something's happening with Scar!'

     "Oh my god, okay!" I can't believe this. If I hadn't forced her out of the room this wouldn't be happening. I should have taken the steps with her. This is all my fault, it really is.  

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