Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


1. New Beginning

~Scarlet's POV~


    Moving away was the best decision I've ever made. He tried to ruin himself, he told me he didn't want to remember me, so I left. I changed my number, but not my appearance. I used to be good at making people forget, and I ended up making myself forget. I constantly forgot to show up to work, eat, sleep. Forgetting was my life; it was my hobby.

     But I've changed, I don't want to forget anymore, it hurts too much. I want to remember. I want him to remember. I want Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of the most popular boy band in the world, to remember me. I was his past, and I need him to be my future.

     I am Scarlet Mason, and this is my new beginning. I've already experienced the beginning of the end, and this is not that anymore.

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