Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


5. Louis Tomlinson...

~Louis POV~

     The boys and I had just got home from our early morning arraigns, subtracting Niall from the picture. Right now, we were on tour and in Oregon. The only place I had ever visited in this state was the hospital, for her. We both did the same thing, we tried to forget and basically ruined our lives for the past year, but I tried to fix it. I tried to remember and it worked, everything is back to normal.

     Ha, that's a lie. It's not back to normal. Well, most of it is, except for the fact that my heart aches for her. I had one other girlfriend in the past year and she only lasted two weeks, because I kept talking about Scarlet. Scar is the one, she's the one for me, and I know she's still here in Oregon, so I will find her. And I will get her to remember, and I will get her to love me again.

     After I got out of the shower I overheard Liam talking to the other boys in the living room, even though I'm the oldest, Liam is definitely the most mature. 

     "Guys... Niall is bringing over a friend, and she's gonna go on tour with us, but she's off limits."

     "A girl? Off limits? Are you serious, that's not fair!? Is she like a relative or something?" Harry asks.

     "She's off limits to everyone but Louis," Liam explains. Wait- what?

     "I'm not following..." Zayn says, confused.

     "One word: Scarlet." My heart stops at the name and I feel all the color drain from my face. Niall is bringing Scarlet. Scarlet is going to be living with us for six months. There are five of us right now. So we have three rooms but we all hang out in Harry and Zayn's room for the most part, hence the reason I showered here. Liam and Niall are in a room together and I have my own room. 

     I back up against the wall and all of my thoughts try and push there way out of my lips but I don't let them escape. Except for one. 

     "When will she be here?" I ask, leaning around the door frame, startling them all. 

     "You heard that?" Liam asks, voice shaking. 

     "Obviously, when will she be here?!" I shout. 

     "Louis, mate, calm down. Uhh-" Liam glances down at his watch "- fifteen minutes?"

     I curse under my breath as I run across the hall with only a towel wrapped around my waist. My style hasn't changed much in the past year so I throw on a blue and gray striped shirt with some jeans and a pair of white shoes that I honestly don't know the name of.

     I dry my hair off a bit with the towel and flick it into place and run back across the hall. Four minutes. Just four more minutes.

     I don't even realize I'm pacing across the room until Harry tells me to sit down because I'm running back and forth in front of the television. 

     "Sorry mate," I apologize. I sit down on the single seating chair and begin to shake my leg. Liam comes over and puts a hand on my shaking leg.

     "It's all going to be okay. You're going to see each other and forget why you both separated. She left, you left. She forgot, you forgot. You were each other's drug before, and you have both been suffering from withdraw in the past year, or that's how Niall explained it. Be there for her again. Be her drug again. Complete her puzzle for her."

     "Thanks Liam," I say. I don't know how else to respond, because he's right. We are each other's drug. I check my watch again, two minutes. What should I do when I see her? Should I hug her? Kiss her? Shake her hand? Wait for her reaction? I guess I'll just do whatever I feel is right at the moment. Just wait for the right moment. 

     I begin to count down in my head. Thirty, twenty nine, twenty eight.... fourteen, thirteen, twelve.

     I hear someone in the hall and my breath catches in my throat. 

     "You ready mate?" Zayn asks me.

     "As ready as I'll ever be," I respond. Then the door opens and in walks Niall, with my angel following him.

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