Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


18. I don't like Nando's

A/N- Sorry for such a late update, I blame school. Haha, but here's the update. Also, I've have NEVER been to Nando's before and I apologize if one of them eats something that doesn't taste good, I apologize...



     Niall and I headed to Nando's and the rest of the boys went to hang out in the rooms. As we were driving, Niall began to speak, probably trying to keep my thoughts off of what had just happened.

     "So, you know we're only staying in hotel rooms for a little while and then we get to sleep on the tour bus," he says, keeping his eyes on the road. "You're not claustrophobic are you? Because I think after today, I am."

     I laugh a little at his comment. "No, I'm not. Why aren't we on it now, I mean, why waste money on hotels and stuff?"

     "Well, at first, we were in a hotel because it was our first stop. We always do that with our first and last stops. Then you showed up, but there wasn't enough room or beds for that matter for six of us," he explains to me softly, like I am a five year old just learning how to color inside the lines. 

     "How are they going to fix the space problem? Are they going to get a whole new bus?" Sarcasm litters every word in my sentence but Niall doesn't see that.

     "Actually, yes. They are getting a new bus." I don't do anything except let the shock sink in. A new bus. All that money wasted, and it's all my fault.

     "Niall!" I yell a little to loud for the small space in the car and he jumps. "Why did you tell me?!? If I had known I wouldn't have come! That's so much money, I feel so bad. You all could have used that money to promote your album, or something worth while! Or I could have driven-" He removes one hand from the wheel and covers my mouth so I am forced to stop talking.

     "First of all, it's not that bad, we needed more space anyways. And since your a girl you get your own compartment at the very back of the bus. Small compartment though, but it's still better than bunks. Anyways, we don't need to promote anything and we've got enough money.  And you are NOT going to be driving anywhere, you'd never get any sleep. Now, when I move my hand are you going to complain?" I shake my head and he moves his hand.

     "Now, two hands on the wheel!" I say and he laughs and makes a sharp left turn. When we turn into Nando's my stomach begins to growl and I realize just how hungry I am. 

     We enter the African-styled restaurant and Niall leads us to the section labeled off just for celebrities. He told me it works different back here, it's like an actual restaurant and you don't have to walk up to the register to pay. It's weird though, but I'm not going to complain.

     The waitress takes our drink orders and goes to the kitchen. I'm so wrapped up in the menu I don't hear Niall calling my name until he waves a hand in front of my face. 

     "Yes?" I ask politely.

     "So, you know what you're getting?" he asks, a little to excited for his own good. I laugh at his childish behaviors and make a mental note to never get rid of Niall. He is the most amazing friend I could have ever asked for. 

     "No, can you order for me? I'm sure you know what everything tastes like, and I don't understand this menu one bit." He chuckles and nods. The waitress comes back with mine and Niall's Coke's and asks if we know what we would like to eat.

     "Can we get a jumbo platter to share?" Niall asks the waitress kindly.

     "Are you expecting more people to show up?" the brunette questions us.

     "No, just us." While her and Niall are speaking I take a second to glance at the menu once more. The description of the jumbo platter says, 'For 4-6 people to share. 2 whole chickens + 5 Large sides.'

     "Oh.. my... god," I mutter as I place the menu down in it's holder. The waitress nods curtly and leaves. "I hope you plan on eating a lot, or having left overs."

     "We'll probably have leftovers." Soon the food arrives and I'm not exactly pleased. It wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be, in all honesty. But I didn't say that. I had about a half a piece of chicken and a bite of the rice. 

     "Why aren't you eating?" Niall asks me and I just shrug.

     "Not hungry..."

     "Do you not like it?"

     Oh no. 

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