Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


9. Help from an almost stranger

     When Liam notices my presence in the room he stands up quickly from the couch.

     "I didn't hear you come in," he says.

     "I'm sorry," I reply.

     "Uh... I... I er... I have to go," he stutters, rushing from the room. 

     "Liam wait!" I call, a little too loudly and Zayn moves around in his sleep. I mouth the word 'Hallway' to him and he just nods his head.

     "Why do you want to talk to me? I'm just Liam, I'm no big deal. I'm the guy who orders people around and cries during a stupid Disney movie. I'm weak, Louis isn't, just... please stay away from me."

     I grab onto the arm of his sweatshirt, "No. No I'm not going to stay away from you, why wont you talk to me?"

     He puts a hand on my shoulder and I just start to cry. Why is he trying to get away from me? Maybe I've been wrong this whole time.... I get so lost in my depressing thoughts of why no one loves me that I don't realize I'm being spoken to. 

     "I'm not good for you Scarlet, stick with Louis. You went through all that pain and suffering, I know what it feels like, trust me I do. But I can't take-" Then he just stops. No stuttering, not even anything to cover up his mistake. He just stops.

     "You can take me if you want to, I'm not Louis' any more." 

     "I might have to do just that," he growls by my ear, sending shivers down my spine. "In Ontario, you're mine. We leave here in the morning." I nod and he grips the top of my arm. "Look at me."

     I force my gray eyes to look into his once warm brown eyes that now appear to be shades darker and filled with lust. 

    "What about here? Am I yours here?" I whisper, the sound of my voice bouncing off of every wall.

     "You're mine whenever and wherever you want to be. I'm yours." And with that, he disappears into his shared room with Niall. Leaving me standing starstruck in the middle of the hallway. 

     I eventually get my feet moving again and I walk up to mine and Louis door before I remember I don't have a key. I put my back against the wall and just slide to the floor. It's midnight, Louis is probably dead asleep by now. Zayn and Harry are out cold so that leaves Liam's room the only room left for me. I put my head in my hands.

     "What's happening to me?" I mumble. I stand up and right when I place my fist on the door to knock, I realize it's already open. I push it open a little and say his name. Then again, but louder. 

     I walk into his and Niall's shared room and see Niall asleep on the one bed, and the other bed is still made. I swear he walked in here. Where did he go? I walk into the bathroom in their room and there he is. Without a shirt, and his pants have been pulled down just the slightest. Enough to see all the marks, and the blood. He wanted me to come in here. I'm his now, and he wanted me to see this. 

     "I bet you didn't have this many problems with Louis, did you?" His voice startles me and I just walk over to him. I place my  fingers on his shoulders and begin to trace small patterns.

     "Why?" I whisper.

     "I don't need your sympathy, but I'm telling you anyways." He looks down at his hip, a place on his hip that is almost always covered by pants or boxers. A place where if you go swimming, no one will know. "I feel weak, so I boss people around. But I still seem happy on the outside. Liam Payne is the least loved out of all 5 boys and he can't handle the hate. But it's true, I can't. So I do this."

     "Stand up," I tell him. He looks at me curious, but quickly wipes the blood off his skin and holds the tissue there so the flow will soon stop. I see the razor on the side of the sink and I lift the lid to the toilet up, and I throw it in. "Where are the rest?"

     "There are six more in my suitcase, front pocket." I know he's telling me this because he needs help, I would have told someone if they asked. But I became strong because there was no more hate. Liam has hate everyday and you can't be strong if you keep getting pushed down. 

     I find the six razors and carefully put them in the palm of my hand, looking at them closely, I can still see some of his old blood. Blood that should have never been spilled. 

     I walk back into the bathroom and he hasn't moved, his eyes follow me and he watches as the razors splash in the water of the toilet.

     "Any more?" I ask him. He nods his head. "Well, where are they?" He doesn't respond. "Liam I swear to-"

     "They are in the top drawer of that dresser thing in the room, I don't know how many are there, but they're wrapped up in my boxers."

     I find them and don't bother counting them because they're all getting flushed. I throw them in and look at the toilet. Ten total. I take his hand in mine and place it over the handle. He just nods and I apply enough pressure to make the water spin. 

     "Why did you do that?" he asks me. 

     "Because you need to stop, you have me, you can talk to me. You don't need those razors anymore, you're stronger without them." And then he leans so close to my face I can feel his hot breath on my lips.

     "You're right. Anyways, why did you come in here in the first place?" He brings back the memories from before I walked in here. 

     "Oh, um, Louis is asleep and I can't get into my room." He just nods and then checks my appearance. Then he walks over to the drawers of the dresser and throws me a pair of his sweatpants and a shirt. 

     I begin to walk towards the bathroom because Niall is still in the room and I don't want him waking up to me changing. 

     "Where are you going?" he asks me in a quiet voice. I tell him I have to change. "You can change in here, no one is judging you." And with those five words, I become even more self conscious. But I just push that feeling to the side.

     I groan and turn around. Stripping out of my day-time clothing and changing into Liam's clothing, rolling the waist of the pants so the don't slip off in my sleep. 

     I crawl into the unoccupied bed and Liam slips in after me, placing a protective arm around my waist.

     "Goodnight beautiful," he says just before I fall into the land of sleep.

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