Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


13. Explanations


     "We will be landing in ten minutes. Please place your seat belts on in five." I am awoken by the voice over the intercom and I groan loudly. 

     "Hello!" That voice isn't Liam. I look up and see that I am laying in Louis lap and he has a smile spread across his face. Where did Liam go?

     "Where's Liam? He was here before I fell asleep," I say, taking out my headphones that are no longer playing any music.

     "No he wasn't, you and Harry walked on the plane together and you sat down next to me and then fell sleep on my shoulder. So I moved the arm rest and set a pillow down and moved you to my lap." He's got a confused look on his face and my thoughts are moving a mile a minute. 

     "Did you tell me you would save me a seat too?" I ask him, curious as to how often I have mixed the two boys up. 

     "Yes, I did." I'm so confused. Completely at a loss for words.

     "Did I sleep in the same room as Liam? I'm dating him right? And Niall put up a picture on twitter?" I throw out as many questions as I can without him being unable to answer them.

     "Yeah, you did because you couldn't get into our room. And then I told you I couldn't keep you from my best mate, remember?" I nod my head when he waits for my answer. "And then uhh, I guess you two are dating, I don't know. And yeah, Niall put a picture of you sleeping in Liam's room on twitter because I told them that we think it would be better if we saw other people." He coughs awkwardly when I put the arm rest back down and then the voice comes over the intercom again, reminding us to put on our seat belts.

     I don't even know anymore. I know that I still love Louis, and I love Liam but I just don't know. Nothing makes sense to me anymore. And bringing back old habits, my mind is just making it worse by mixing up the jigsaw puzzle that is my life and trying to put pieces where they don't fit.

     Say you're doing a Disney princess puzzle with a little kid. And the one piece has Cinderella's face on it and the other piece has Ariel's face on it. And the child keeps trying to put Ariel's face on Cinderella's body. But it just wont fit, but in their mind, it fits perfectly. The world is just being difficult. Well that's how I feel right now.

     Except Liam is Ariel and Cinderella is Louis. I can't tell anymore, I think I need to take a break from these boys. As the plane lands, Niall has already found the address for a Nando's and we are headed towards two black range rovers to go to lunch. 

     I get in the car that doesn't involve Liam and Louis and I already feel calmer. When we pull up to the restaurant I notice that it is surrounded by shops and other places to eat.

     "Hey, Ni. Sorry, I'm going to skip out on Nando's and take a look around," I tell the over excited blonde boy. He nods and gives me Zayn's number because he is the one most likely to check his phone. I thank him and head my own way. 

     "Scarlet! Wait up!" a deep voice calls. I sigh and turn around to see Harry following me. 

     "What do you want Harry?" I snap.

     "Sorry, I just don't want you walking around all on your own." He looks down at the ground and I can't help but tell him that he can come if he wants. His face lights up and he smiles at me as I begin to walk.

     "Coffee sound good?" I ask him and he nods and heads to the nearest Starbucks.

     "Uh uh pretty boy, not there," I scold and he turns around to look at me.

     "I thought you said coffee!" I shrug my shoulders and look through the window of the shop, it's crowded with teenage girls taking pictures of themselves.

     "Let's go to a less crowded place, yeah?" I offer. I hate that I have a watered down British accent. It sounds fake, and it reminds me of things I want to forget. 

     I open the door to an empty coffee shop and the girl at the counter jumps when she hears the door open and her jaw practically hits the ground when she sees Harry.

     "Sorry, we don't usually get very many customers," she says covering up her previous shocked state.

     "S'alright, love." Harry gives her an award winning smile and she take our orders. As we sit down at a table, Harry notices my dampened mood.

     "What wrong?" he asks me.

     "It's complicated. I just don't understand anymore," I tell him.

     "Remember how I said to make the right choices?" he questions me, I slowly nod. "Do you know what I was talking about?"

     "No, not at all." 

     He takes in a deep breath and sighs, "I'm sorry for what I'm about to say, but I'm not going to regret it."

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