Dark (Harry Styles Fanfic)

She thought it was going to be just another night out, until he saw her. Everything changed. She wanted nothing to do with him but, he wouldnt stop till he had her. Everyone said he was dangerous. But she gave him chance. She saw the real Harry. She taught him how to love again. She learned about his dark past. He wanted to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to keep her safe. Protection her was his main priority. A story of two people falling in Love. He's mysterious, Aggressive, dangerous, no good for her. She learned why he was who he was. Bo. Harry. "You can't protect me from everything."........"I can try."


6. Chapter 6

“Excuse me?”
“Hi, can I help you?” I smiled at the woman in front of me.
“Yes, I was looking for the new McFly album. My daughter loves them and I wanted to get it for her Birthday.”
... “Of course, follow me.”
I led her down the aisles of music before stopping at the “M” section. My fingers quickly flicked through the CDs before pulling out the case.
“Here you go.” I smiled. “It’s a brilliant album, your daughter will love it.”
“Thank you for your help.”
She reciprocated my smile before walking off to the till. My mind wandered aimlessly as I organised the music that had been misplaced. I pushed my hair back from my face, tucking it behind my ear. My eyes darted up as I heard someone enter the shop. They instantly widened as I recognised the dark curls.
My immediate reaction was to hide. I dropped to my hands and knees, crawling along the aisle desperately trying to reach the back room without being noticed. How did he even know I worked here? I peered round the corner, deciding the coast was clear I continued to my target.
I mentally cursed as I heard Steve call out my name. No, no, no! My speed increased as I gradually neared my escape. A gasp was released from my lips as a pair of white converse stepped in front of me. My eyes hesitantly grazed up his long legs before I was met by sparkly green orbs. He grinned down at me revealing his deep dimples.
“Hello, Beautiful.”
Harry gripped my arms before hauling me to my feet. I shied away from his touch, long fingers brushing my hair from my face.
“What were you doing on the floor?” He smirked.
“I-I dropped something.”
He chuckled, it was clear he didn’t believe my lie. I was glad we were in a public place, that way Harry was forced to be a little more constrained. However, I knew that sort of thing didn’t really bother him, my mind instantly thinking back to his forward actions in the restaurant.
“Why didn’t you text me back?”
It would have been an innocent question coming from anybody else’s lips. But with Harry it was anything but.
“You asked me what I was wearing.” I replied, disgusted.
“And I didn’t get a reply, so I assumed you were naked.” He chuckled.
I let out a groan. Was that all he thought about? My body turned to walk away from him, but Harry caught hold of my wrist. He tugged me back into his body, his lips planting a hot kiss to my mouth. I used everything I had in me to shove him back. He didn’t budge but I wanted him to know I objected to his advances.
We were interrupted by Steve, much to Harry’s annoyance.
“Are you alright?” He asked.
Steve wasn’t that much shorter than Harry but his blonde spikey hair was a clear contrast to Harry’s curls. He still stepped forwards to us. I could see in his face that he wasn’t entirely convinced by my answer.
“Poppy needs help on the till.”
Harry still tightly held my wrist in his large hand. I peered up at his face; his intense gaze fell down upon me.
“You’re going out with me again.” His raspy voice spoke.
“Harry.” I warned.
He smirked at me before flicking a harsh gaze to Steve. Was Harry trying to provoke a reaction out of him? I tried to pry his fingers from my skin but I couldn’t.
“I think you better leave.” Steve spoke directly to him.
Harry didn’t move, standing his ground. I winced as he squeezed my wrist tighter. His hot puffs of air could be felt on the top of my head. Steve took my hand, gently pulling me away from Harry. He was angry. Obviously not liking the way Steve intervened taking me from him. Relief spread through my body as Harry’s fingers reluctantly loosened, allowing me to slip from his hold.
“I’ll see you later, Bo.”
He winked at me before turning and walking away. The muscles in his back became prominent as he pushed open the heavy door to the shop.
“Are you alright?”
My vision was pulled away from where Harry had just disappeared as I turned to Steve.
“Yeah, thanks for doing that.” I smiled.
“Thank you.”
I handed the man his bag of purchases before he turned and strolled away.
“I’m going on lunch now.”
I nodded in acknowledgement before Steve vanished through into the store room and out the back door. Poppy and I chatted between serving customers. She then drifted off onto the shop floor, reorganising the “S” section of albums.
My head turned upon hearing a clatter behind me.
“Steve? I thought you were going on break?”
My eyes widened as he raised his head. Dark red blood was smeared across his right cheek from his nose.
“What happened?” I gushed.
I quickly made my way over to him, but he held out his hand before I could get too close.
“Don’t worry.” He weakly smiled. “I just fell over, it’s nothing.”
“Do you want me to get you anything?”
“No, it’s alright.”
Soon after I was waving goodbye to Poppy. Steve had told us to go home early as business had died down towards the end of the day. My vans kicked at a stone on the tarmac as I walked down across the car park. I lifted my gaze from the ground, my eyes lazily travelling over the vehicles. I didn’t have a car, so I was forced to either get the bus or walk home.
My breath hitched in my throat upon seeing a familiar black vehicle. I twisted my head to scope the area round me. My body jumped back when I returned my vision to my original path. Harry’s tall frame stood in front of me. A smile gracing his beautiful face as he looked down at me.
“Need a lift?” He enquired.
“Come on.”
He grasped my smaller hand in his before tugging me over to his car. I didn’t have time to protest. My vision travelled down to where we were touching. I frowned , digging my heels into the floor forcing Harry to cease his movements.
“What happened to your hand?”
My thumb gently ran over his knuckles, the small cuts looked fresh. I glanced up at him, his eyes intently watching my actions.
“Nothing.” Harry replied.
He was lying. He tried to pull his hand away but I kept hold of his long fingers. I walked closer to him as he attentively observed my every move.
“Harry, did you..”
“Bo, leave it.” He cut me off.
He’d hit Steve, I knew it.
“Just get in the car.” He aggressively demanded.

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