Dark (Harry Styles Fanfic)

She thought it was going to be just another night out, until he saw her. Everything changed. She wanted nothing to do with him but, he wouldnt stop till he had her. Everyone said he was dangerous. But she gave him chance. She saw the real Harry. She taught him how to love again. She learned about his dark past. He wanted to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to keep her safe. Protection her was his main priority. A story of two people falling in Love. He's mysterious, Aggressive, dangerous, no good for her. She learned why he was who he was. Bo. Harry. "You can't protect me from everything."........"I can try."


17. Chapter 17

My hand was gripped tightly in Harry’s as he tugged me up the steps to his flat. I felt like my heart was in my mouth as he forced the door open before abruptly shutting it behind us. He didn’t waste time in ridding me of my jacket, hanging it up. The warmth of Harry’s touch could be felt on my lower back as a large hand guided me along the hallway to a door that I knew was his bedroom.... My mind flashed through the images of what had happened last time I was here.
I heard the door close before Harry came up behind me, my body jumping slightly as his fingers pushed my hair to the side. Plump lips were pressed to the skin of my neck, nibbling and sucking. I was suddenly spun round to face him, my chest rising and falling heavily. Harry could tell how nervous I was as he took my trembling hands in his large ones. He kept eye contact with me as he brought one hand up to his mouth, leaving a light kiss on the skin.
“I’ll be gentle.” He whispered.
I watched him kick his converse off before slowly kneeling down in front of me. His large hands caressed the skin of my right thigh as he slid his touch down my leg. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
“So soft.” He mumbled into the kisses that were left down my tingling skin.
My leg was raised, hands gripping onto Harry’s broad shoulders as he took my shoe off. The process was repeated with the other foot, before he stood to his full towering height in front of me. Harry’s head flicked to his large bed, instructing me to move over to it, which I hesitantly did as he followed.
He pulled me up so I was kneeling, sat up on the bed. My body facing away from him as he knelt behind me. A strong arm wrapped round my waist, decreasing the distance between us as my back pressed to Harry’s front. His lips hummed in my ear as I rolled my head back to his shoulder. My body tensed as I felt his hand cup my breast, gently squeezing as he went down. Harry’s touch sent tingles through my body. His strong arm held me as I squirmed against him. He skimmed his warm hand up the inside of my thigh, at the same pace he did in the club. A whimper fell from my lips as Harry’s fingers lightly touched me over my underwear. He began to rub over the sensitive area as my hips moved with the touch. I struggled to draw in breath, the feeling of his fingers jumbling my thoughts. My backside rubbed against his crotch as he increased the pressure. All the while his raspy voice whispered dirty things into my ear. It shocked me slightly as he told me all the things he wanted to do to me.
“Harry.” I breathily gasped.
He groaned, his fingers then slipping into the front of my underwear. I cried out in surprise, no-one had ever touched me like this before. My body began to slump against his. My shaking legs finding it difficult to keep me up, even though my back was still pressed firmly to his front. Harry’s thumb gently moving over my clit, eliciting whimpers from my parted lips.
“Mmm.” He huskily whispered into my ear.
Hot kisses were trailed down my neck as he continued to pleasure me. It startled me a little as Harry shifted, taking me with him as he sat on the edge of the bed. I still faced away from him, sitting on his lap.
“Up.” He instructed.
I complied, lifting my hips slightly as he hitched my dress up to my waist. Harry’s large hands caught hold of my thighs, spreading them so my legs hung either side of his lap. My head lazily turned to catch a glimpse of Harry bringing his fingers up to his mouth. He sucked on them before pulling them out. Rough fingertips ran up the inside of my thighs before they dipped into my underwear again. But this time his middle finger teased my entrance. I knew he was being careful, easing the finger in gently. But it didn’t stop the small uncomfortable moans falling from my mouth. My head rested back on his shoulder again, struggling to breathe as he pushed in deeper. His strong arm gripped my waist in an attempt to stop me from wriggling.
“Good girl.” His raspy tone whispered into my ear.
My body flinched as his finger swirled round before he slowly drew it out and pushed back in again. The steady pace allowed me to feel the ridges and joints in his finger. I felt Harry’s chest rise and fall quickly, his heart beat thumping into my back.
“Does that feel good?”
His knees parted my legs wider.
“Bo.” Harry demanded.
I couldn’t speak, but my hand gripped his forearm, squeezing it. The pleasure pulsing through my body was overpowering. My lashes fluttering finding it difficult to keep my eyes open. Harry withdrew his presence, leaving wet kisses on my shoulder. He suddenly gripped my hips, pushing me up so he could stand. Large hands caught hold of my upper arms, spinning me round and nudging back to the bed.
I sat on the end of the mattress, not really sure what he was going to do next. Harry crouched down in front of me so we were at eye level. His forehead pressed to mine, his sparkling green orbs not leaving my own. I flinched as he reached forward and pushed my underwear to the side, a long finger nudging into me again. His lips curved up upon witnessing my struggle for breath, whimpering. Seconds later it was pulled out. Harry moved back slightly and I watched as he brought the finger up to his mouth. My eyes widened as his plump lips wrapped round his index, taking it into his mouth and sucking. He hummed before withdrawing. A pink tongue sliding out and over his lips.
“Oh god.” He breathed. “I want to taste you properly.”
My body froze at his words. He stood to his full looming height as he instructed me to move back. I shuffled away from him as he crawled onto the bottom of the bed.
“Not so far.” He chuckled.
Large hands gripped my ankles before he effortlessly pulled me towards him. Harry hovered over me, his full lips pressing to mine in a forceful kiss before trailing along my jaw to my ear. His teeth nibbled the lobe as my fingertips dug into his shoulders. Harry divided my attention as I felt his fingers loop into the sides of my underwear. He didn’t wait before slowly tugging them down my legs. My knees dew up to my chest. I felt my cheeks tingle with heat, Harry dropping the material to the floor. His strength overpowered mine as he carefully pried my thighs apart. He brought his bottom lip between his teeth as he scanned over me before his gaze travelled up to my face. A smirk spread on his mouth before he spoke.
“Touch yourself.”
“W-what?” I stuttered.
“I want to see you touch yourself.” His deep voice whispered.
He grabbed my hand, tugging it down in between my legs. I gasped at his actions. He raised his eyebrows, nodding at me to continue.
“Go on.” He encouraged.
I squeezed my eyes closed, unable to look at him as I slowly moved my fingers back and forth over my tingling heat. Harry’s heavy breathing could be heard. My face was splashed with pink, I tried to focus on my touch and block him out, but I found it difficult as I knew Harry was intently observing. I brushed my fingers over my most sensitive spot, lightly gasping at my own actions.
“Holy shit.” Harry cursed.
My eyes shot open when Harry gripped my wrist pulling it away from myself. His patience wearing thin, not being able to wait any longer.
“I’m gunna make you feel so good.” He moaned.
His soft curls tickled the inside of my thighs as he lowered his head. A gasp escaped my lips, Harry nipped at the skin on my legs before I felt his hot breath fan over me. His head tilted up and connected with my nervous gaze. A grin was plastered on his face as he winked at me. Seconds later I felt his warm tongue lick up my centre. His large hands instantly went to restrain my thighs, keeping them apart so he could continue. I couldn’t control the whimpers and soft moans falling from my lips. It seemed to please Harry as he hummed against me. He found it amusing that I didn’t know where to place my hands until I settled with one fisting the sheets and the other wound into his curls. I heard and felt his moan against me as I tightened my hold in his hair, tugging slightly. The vibrations adding to the sensation. A small shriek escaped my mouth as his tongue darted out into my entrance. Harry seemed to be satisfied with my reaction as he repeated the pleasuring movement.
I loudly gasped as his nose brushed my clit. He deeply laughed then flicked the end of his tongue against it. Pleasure shot through my body, my back arching up from the mattress. Harry drew back, watching for a few seconds before leaning down again.
“Harry.” I whimpered.
He didn’t stop. His tongue and mouth working together as my chest rose up and down quickly. Plump lips wrapped round my most sensitive spot before he sucked. My body jolted with the new sensation, my breathing heavy and trembling from my parted lips. One of his hands left my thigh, his long middle finger teasing my entrance before slowly easing it in. My head rolled to the side, enable to do anything but feel as he pumped it in and out whilst sweeping his tongue across my clit.
My head turned back at the loss of Harry’s contact. His face came up from between my shaking legs. I watched as he licked my excitement off his plump lips, before smirking at me. He moved further up my body. One hand supporting his weight as he hovered above me, the other resting on my hip. His dark eyes flicked from my wide orbs down to my lips. Harry’s mouth pressed to mine in a desperate kiss, his tongue forcing itself between my parted lips. I felt him laugh slightly as I gasped into him, his hand moving from my hip back to my centre. A few strokes were swept over my entrance before his finger pushed back in.
Our mouths parted as he withdrew. Harry intently watched as I struggled to breathe beneath him, forcing a surprised whimper from my lips as his finger pushed a little deeper. His speed increased.
“Does that feel good?” His curly hair tickled my forehead as he came down closer to me.
My hips shifted under him, squirming with his pleasuring movements. I squeezed my eyes closed as I felt a heat rise in my stomach. My thighs attempted to clamp shut but Harry’s body hovering between my legs prevented me from doing so. He could tell I was nearly there. I felt him decrease the distance between us, lowering his body down onto his forearm.
“Look at me.” He demanded.
My eyes fluttered open, green orbs staring down at me.
“Harry…..Harry.” I whimpered softly.
My lips parted, short, sharp breath forced out.
“Come for me….. You’re safe.” He whispered.
I grabbed onto his hand, Harry quickly entwining our fingers as I struggled for air. His head went into the crook of my neck, kissing and sucking on the clammy skin. I squeezed his hand tighter as waves of pleasure burst through my trembling body.
“Bo.” Harry mumbled into my neck.
I squeezed my eyes shut, the feeling overwhelming as Harry continued to pump his long finger in and out. His thumb rubbing circles over my clit as plump lips moved to my ear.
“I’ll keep you safe.” His raspy voice repeated quietly.
My free hand grabbed hold of the back of his neck, keeping him against me as he kissed the spot behind my ear. My back arched up from the bed and into his body.
“Oh god.”
I had never had such an intense feeling. Harry’s touch tipping me over the edge, to reveal me in my most euphoric and vulnerable state. My mouth parted to release broken gasps. Slowly the tingly subsided, my body becoming exhausted as I fell back to the mattress. Harry held me close, almost as if he was afraid I would disappear. Soft kisses were left along my jaw until his mouth met my lips. My actions were lazy, unable to put much effort into the kiss after what he had just done to me.
“Good girl.”
My eyelashes fluttered, body still holding on to what was left of the feeling. Harry’s knuckles dragged across my thighs as he slowly pulled the hem of my dress down, covering me. My hips were held as he rolled us over, my limp body sprawled on top of his. The rise and fall of my chest began to even out as I rested all my weight on Harry. My head to the side, ear pressed to his chest as I listened to his thumping heartbeat. One arm wrapped protectively round my back and his free hand combed soothingly through my hair.
Harry shifted slightly, moving us further up the bed. I surprised myself, tightly fisting his t-shirt between my fingers.
“Harry.” I whimpered.
My arms clung round his neck, not willing to let him go. He settled onto the pillows, my body still draped over his.
“Shhh.” He quietly soothed, kissing the top of my head.
We laid like that for a while longer, the only sounds heard were of our steady breathing. My fingers wiggled under the hem of Harry’s t shirt, wanting to feel his soft skin. He hummed as I traced small circles on his hip just above the band of his boxers.
Harry’s POV
I found myself disappointed as Bo removed her warmth from me, climbing off the bed. My fingers ruffled my curls, sweeping them to the side as I propped myself up on my elbows. I followed her movements round to the other side of the bed. My eyebrows came down in a frown, not sure what she was doing as she bent down. I couldn’t help but smirk at her flushed cheeks. Her fingers picking up her underwear from the carpet.
Bo turned away from me as she struggled to pull them up her legs whilst keeping her dress down. I chuckled slightly, finding it amusing that she was still shy, despite what we had just done. I wandered over to my drawers, fingers fumbling to find a t shirt. Once found I walked over to her. She nervously fiddled with her hands before peering up to me. Her dark blue eyes were framed with long eyelashes. The pink in her lips was a little darker than usual; I put that down to our heavy kissing. She stood frozen as I reached out to her face, gently tucking strands of her long, dark hair behind her ear.
I still held the t shirt between my fingers as I leaned down to her. Our lips meeting for a few seconds before I moved to whisper in her ear.
“Did you enjoy that?” I paused.” Because I certainly did.”
A noticeable shiver ran though her body at my words. I trailed my fingers up her back before finding the zip to her dress. As I started to slowly pull it down she flinched back.
“Harry.” Bo whispered.
I loved the sound of my name from her lips. My fingers continued to tug at the zip down. She was breathing heavily as I pushed the straps down from her shoulders, but she caught the material before it fell to the floor. I frowned, head flicking at her.
“Let me see.”
When she didn’t move I gently pried her hands away. The dress pooling at her feet. I brought my bottom lip between my teeth as I scanned up and down her body. Her arms moved up to cross over her chest, but I caught them before she could. The black lace underwear she had put back on moments before matched her bra. Her cautious gaze flickered up to my face before looking down at the floor. Her curves were breath-taking, but I had a feeling she didn’t know just how captivating she really was.
“You’re so beautiful.”
I helped her put on my t shirt, the hem falling to mid-thigh. My gaze followed Bo as she climbed back onto the bed, shuffling down into the covers. Her hand moved round her head, drawing her long hair over one shoulder before resting back on the pillow. We held eye contact for a few seconds before I frowned shaking my head. Curls fell down over my forehead before I shoved them back. I yanked my t shirt over my head, letting it drop to the floor. She looked a little startled as I swiftly exited the room, down the hall to the kitchen.
My hands tightly gripped the sink as I stood with my back to the door. I never had girls stay over. They would always leave after we had satisfied each other. This was strange for me, actually wanting to wake up next to a girl in the morning. Bo. The desire I felt to pleasure her overpowered my own need. Something that had never happened to me before. She calmed me. The presence of someone standing in the doorway behind me cut my thoughts off before I could contemplate further.
My body turned to face Bo in the dim light. Her fingers gripped the doorframe as she leaned against it. Hair cascading over her shoulder as she peered at me. My eyes scanned down her tanned legs before making contact with her blue orbs.
“A-Are you coming back to bed?”
When I didn’t answer her bare feet padded across the cold floor tiles. Her small hand caught hold of mine, her thumb gently rubbing over the knuckles. I watched as Bo brought it up to her mouth, leaving a soft kiss on the back of my hand. She stepped back slightly, still holding onto me as she encouraged me out of the kitchen. I followed her.
Bo guided me into my room and over to the bed. My jeans were quickly unbuckled and shoved down my legs as she leant over the mattress, pulling back the covers. The t shirt I had given her rose up slightly, revealing her black lace underwear. She squeaked as my hand went down to squeeze her bum. I deeply laughed at her reaction, knowing she would bat my touch away, which she did with a frown on her face.
She hastily got under the covers, attempting to escape the touch of my wandering hands. I continued to laugh as I got in myself, tugging the duvet up. A huff escaped my mouth as Bo scooted over to the other side of the bed. She wiggled as I wrapped my arm round her waist, dragging her back to my body. Her back pressed firmly to my chest.
“You don’t have to be shy now, Love.” I chuckled.
She tensed as the tips of my fingers lightly brushed the skin above the top of her underwear. I heard her whimper with my touch.
“Did I make you feel good?” I whispered, kissing the back of her neck.
Bo’s trembling breath was the only response I received. She gripped my wrist, tugging it away from her crotch. The image of her underneath me as I pleasured her washed through my mine.
“Oh god. I want to see you come for me again…..soon.” I moaned.
“P-please.” She whispered.
My hand moved further up her front, as she relaxed back into me. Bo didn’t object when I tangled my legs with hers. It amazed me how her body fit so easily against mine. A small smile crept onto my face as I felt her entwine our fingers. My large hand engulfing hers as I felt her slowly drift off to sleep in my arms.

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