Dark (Harry Styles Fanfic)

She thought it was going to be just another night out, until he saw her. Everything changed. She wanted nothing to do with him but, he wouldnt stop till he had her. Everyone said he was dangerous. But she gave him chance. She saw the real Harry. She taught him how to love again. She learned about his dark past. He wanted to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to keep her safe. Protection her was his main priority. A story of two people falling in Love. He's mysterious, Aggressive, dangerous, no good for her. She learned why he was who he was. Bo. Harry. "You can't protect me from everything."........"I can try."


12. Chapter 12

A raspy groan was released from my lips, wanting nothing more than to stay in my bed. My hands felt for the pillow to put over my head. But I was left confused upon feeling something warm and smooth beneath me. My eyes shot open when a deep laugh filled my ears, the vibrations running through my body.
“Good morning to you too, Beautiful.”
I quickly pushed myself up, Harry smirking at me... as I realised I had been sprawled out across his bare chest. Dark curls spread on the pillow before he sat up, ruffling his hair then resting his weight back on his elbows. My eyes were drawn to the dark mark I had left on his neck. It still looked sore.
“You know, if you wanted to feel me up again, you only had to ask.” He spoke adding a wink.
A blush crept onto my cheeks, the events of last night filling my mind. The sounds of Harry’s soft moans forced themselves into my thoughts, followed by the image of him desperately rocking his hips up to my touch. The memory deepened the shade of red residing on my face.
I hadn’t noticed Harry move closer, my thoughts preoccupying me.
“Well, that’s if you don’t want me to return the favour.”
Our proximity nearly caused me to fall out of the comfortable bed. Harry’s long fingers trailed down my exposed arm. I felt him blow across the skin as his lips hovered slightly above it creating goose bumps. I quickly stumbled from the bed feeling disorientated, accidently knocking into the bedside table. My hands darted out before the lamp fell to the floor. I let out a sigh as I moved it back to its place.
I swiftly turned to Harry who seemed amused watching my little clumsy episode. His eyebrows were raised as he smirked at me.
“You alright there?”
I gave him a small nod, letting my hair fall round my face, covering my heated cheeks. My hands grabbed at my clothes still laid on the floor from last night. I jumped as Harry appeared stood in front of me. I wasn’t sure on where to look, he was still only in his boxers. My eyes closed as he cupped my chin in his large hand; I reopened them when my face was tilted up to his. My breath caught in my throat as his thumb ran over my bottom lip. I watched his tongue slip out, sliding over his as if to replicate the feeling. My eyes fell away from his, no longer being able to look at him. I heard what I thought was a sigh escape his lips as I clutched my clothes tightly to my chest. Harry’s touch left my face and I moved away from him slightly.
“You can have a shower if you want?”
“Thanks.” I spoke quietly.
My feet quickly padded across the carpet to the open bathroom door. I placed my clothes on the side as I heard footsteps behind me. I turned to find Harry in the doorway, a cheeky smile spread across his face. His large hand was placed above my head against the door, preventing me from closing it. Harry’s eyes sparkled as he looked down at me.
“I could always join you.” He paused. “To save water and all that.”
His cheeky smile and playful tone told me he couldn’t care less about the water.
“No, I think I’ll be alright, thanks.”
His hand slid down the door as he laughed. Harry’s fingers brushed my cheek for a second before he spoke.
“Just let me know if you change your mind, Love.”
I shifted on my feet as I waited for him to disappear; and he did once his full lips left a lingering kiss on my cheek. I shut the door, quickly forcing the lock across, which I checked multiple times just to make sure. My clothes were quickly stripped off, getting into the shower and letting the hot water wash over me. I stood under the steady stream for a short while before there was a knock at the door.
“Bo.” Harry’s raspy tone sounded through the door.
“I’m going to get the car. Stay in the flat, I won’t be long.”
“I can get the bus ho..”
“No.” Harry sternly interrupted. “I’m taking you home.”
His rough tone told me it was probably better to just do as he said and not argue with him. I heard the front door slam moments later, signalling Harry had left.
My bare feet wandered down the hall. I had tried to get as much water as I could out of the long hair that fell down my back. My fingers worked on plaiting as I took the time to have a look round without Harry. The space was still as tidy as last night, but it looked different in the morning light. My eyes curiously fell on the front door before I moved towards it. I took the handle in my right hand, my left holding the plait I still had to find a tie for. It didn’t surprise me when it wouldn’t budge. Harry had a thing about locking me in, maybe he was afraid I would run away.
I aimlessly walked round the living room, a few pictures catching my eye. Most were with his friends, but there was one with Harry, a girl round his age and what looked to be his mum. He was sat in the middle, arms slung round the shoulders of the two women. I smiled at how happy they looked, with Harry displaying his deep dimples.
I hadn’t even heard the front door open, my focus still on the photo.
I jumped, my body swiftly turning to see Harry staring at me. His jeans slung low on his hips and a dark navy jumper covering his torso. His green eyes flicked from my face to the picture.
“I, umm, I was just looking for something to tie my hair with.”
He walked away and I faintly heard him rummage through drawers. Harry appeared moments later a band held between his thumb and finger. He slowly moved forwards until he was stood in front of me. His looming height forcing me to tilt my head up to him.
I didn’t object when Harry took the end of the dark plait. His long fingers carefully moving to tie the hair. Harry brought his plump bottom lip between his teeth in concentration. Once he had finished he let it lie over my left shoulder.
“Thank you.” I spoke quietly.
“The car is outside.”
I manoeuvred round his tall frame to the hallway to pick up my things before remembering I had left my shoes in his room. I hurried towards his bedroom, hastily putting them on and swiftly travelling back down the hall. My body stood in the doorway as I intently watched Harry pick up the photo I had been interested in. Even from behind I knew his curly hair would be flopped over his forehead as he looked down. Harry drew in a deep breath, releasing the air in a sigh. The picture was carefully put back into place before he turned. He appeared a little startled at my presence before composing himself.
Harry seemed to be lost in thought as we drove to my house. I got the impression there was something more to that photo. But I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to know. We were soon pulling into my road, Harry parked opposite my house, undoing his belt and turning his head towards me.
“I enjoyed last night.” He smirked.
He reached for my hand, holding it tightly. My belt was released as he tugged me closer. Harry’s plump lips falling to my ear.
“Don’t worry. I’ll be putting my fingers to good use soon.”
I felt him chuckle against my neck as I visibly tensed at his words. I had learnt Harry was not one to shy away from intimate subjects. Hot breath puffed out as a large hand slid up my thigh.
“And my mouth.” He added.
I jumped as his hot tongue ran a wet line up my neck. I hadn’t even noticed my eyes were squeezed shut until I opened them. Harry withdrew, a cheeky grin spread across his face as he winked at me. I was left stunned as he opened his car door and jogged round to my side. Large hands held my hips as he helped me down.
Harry’s fingers entwined with mine, walking me across the road to my house. Once we had made it to my door, Harry spun me round to face him. He cupped my chin before pressing his mouth to mine. I felt his tongue slide along my bottom lip, looking for entry but I denied it. Harry pulled away, shaking his head as he deeply laughed.
“I’ll see you soon, Bo.”
He turned to walk away but sneakily pressed another kiss to the corner of my mouth. My hands pushed at his chest.
“Goodbye, Harry.” I told him.
A smirk crossed his beautiful face before he winked and strolled over to his black car. I hastily opened my front door, slamming it shut behind me. My back pressed to the wood before sliding down it to slump to the floor. I sat and listened as the car drove away down the road. Silence then followed and I was left to ponder over what on earth I was going to do.

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