summer love

emily moves to doncaster in the united kingdom for the summer she just needs to get away from her problems and find out who she is but when she gets exepted into a music school will she leave louis and take a once in a lifetime offer?


2. on the plane

I woke up around 6:30 i was so exited i ran into the bathroom and undressed i turned on some warm water and got into the shower i let the water run down my face i made sure to hurry up cause i didnt want to be late for the airport so i grabed a towl and walked to my closet i decided to wear a blue lacey tank top grey sweatpants and a grey beenie i wanted to be confortable considering i would be on the plane for a while. I grabed my suitcase and took one last look at my room "well room ill miss you but im off to accomplish my dreams goodbye" i slowly closed my door and walked down stairs everybody was awake i went to the kitchen and got a bagel bye this time it was already 7:15 so i said goodbye to my dad and brother mom however drived me too the airport after about 15 minutes we arrived there i got out and grabed my bags i made sure to give mom a big hug she started to cry a little but then she shook it off and plastered a fake smile on her face i told her i would be back and that i loved her she kissed me on the cheek and said have fun then she drove off. Flight 253 is now ready for takeoff i heard the flight attendent say i smiled cause i couldnt wait to get there i figured i would rent a appartment for cheap and get a minimum wage job because i had to have money to pay for food and the rent. I put on my head phones and after about an half an hour i fell asleep



                                                                                     AUTHORS NOTE:

                                sorry if the second chapter wasnt that good but im still growing as a writer

                                  just comment and let me know if you have any ideas or oppinions! XOXO-Gabby

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