summer love

emily moves to doncaster in the united kingdom for the summer she just needs to get away from her problems and find out who she is but when she gets exepted into a music school will she leave louis and take a once in a lifetime offer?


4. Meeting him

I grabbed my key and headed out the door I think I seen a Starbucks about 2 blocks away that's what I needed was a coffee I was tired and had no energy!. When I got there it was about 1:15 and I seen a help wanted sign in the window great maybe i could apply for a job here i walked in the shop and their where only a few people in there and there was one in front of me he was tall and attractive from the back. He turned around i guess not expecting to see me cause he spilled his whole cofee on me it was hot and hurt really bad "hey watch wh-" i was cut off cause when i looked up  at him he was very cute and he looked famiular "uhh im so sorry love i didnt see you standing there" wow that accent was hot "its ok no big deal i didnt really like this shirt anyway" he chuckled and said well atleast let me buy you a coffee" no realy its no bi-" i was cut off when he handed me a cup of coffee and some napkins oh thanks you didnt have to do that "yes i did now would you like to sit down he said pointing to the table next to the window "sure why not" we walked over to the table and sat down i studied his face and said you look familer he removed his sun glasses and said well i am a member from the boy band one direction "oh yea right i knew that" i said blushing "so whats your name love "emily grey" whats yours "louis Tomlinson" so obviously your american so what brings you here to doncaster " well i just want to achieve my goals as a person i guess" sounds good so where are you stayin" Kerrs apartment about 2 blocks away from here oh yea i used to stay at kerrs yah know before i tried out for the x-factor and all now i live in a flat about 3 blocks away from here so we dont live that far away from eachother "yea i guess not" we chatted for about an hour till he said he had to go get ready for tonights show " why dont you come love he said while handing me a ticket sure thanks he gave me a big smile and walked out of the shop i stared at the ticket it said 8:30 was when the show started "yes! now i have to go get cleaned up" i walked over to the counter and told them i would like to apply for a job "how old are you" 19 "ok you start tomorrow at 7 dont be late "ok" i said then walked out of the shop and started walking back to my apartment




                                                                                       AUTHORS NOTE:

                                                                     i hope you liked the chapter and i didnt know what to

                                                                       name the apartment but i tried my best so i hope

                                                                       like the book so far PLEASE COMMENT!! XOXO-Gabby

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