I am only 17

Vanessa is a mom, student, girlfriend , and a directioner. She was raped my her ex-boyfriend and had a little girl named Taylor. She is in her last year of college and she is with her new boyfriend Christen, and she's only 17! One day her best friend Emily invites her to a One direction concert! And being she is a huge directioner she accepts! But happens when she falls in love in with Niall, and he ask her go on tour with them? Will she leave her life behind to start a new one, or stay with her family?


2. dammit

Vanessa POV: I run to my closet after a brief talk with Christen. " shit'' I say under my breath.. I have nothing to wear! I scope Taylor up and grab my purse, we're going shopping, this will be the first time in months! We walk to the strip mall about 3 blocks from our house and I remember that it has to be cheap because Christen and I are low in income. So after walking past Abercrombie, and many other expensive stores I see a local bouquet, with the most beautiful yellow dress, it was knee length and had lace at the bottom! I ran inside and of course bought the dress. "Dammit" I don't have enough money  for shoes and Taylor is getting tired, I guess I'm wearing my black converse! I was so excited I sat for 2 hours dreaming maybe I will get to meet them, but I have a boyfriend and a kid, oh they wont like me anyways.



*short chapter!! sorry thanks ,Bri thanks ur amazing and tell everyone you know (maybe ill do another chapter later) leave a comment or kik me@natalienutella for advice and if u want to be in the book!*



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