I am only 17

Vanessa is a mom, student, girlfriend , and a directioner. She was raped my her ex-boyfriend and had a little girl named Taylor. She is in her last year of college and she is with her new boyfriend Christen, and she's only 17! One day her best friend Emily invites her to a One direction concert! And being she is a huge directioner she accepts! But happens when she falls in love in with Niall, and he ask her go on tour with them? Will she leave her life behind to start a new one, or stay with her family?


1. A not so bad, bad day

Vanessa POV:  "WAHHHHHHHHHH", Taylor cried, its been 1 year and I'm still not use to her constant crying. I tried to ignore her until Christen shakes me and says, "Vanessa, get the hell up Taylor has been crying for over a freaking hour!" I was just about to yell at him to get her, because he never does anything to help me with Taylor, but I was to tried to bicker with him. I walk into her room and start to clam her down, she slowly drifts back to sleep, and I lie her down. As soon as I lay back down to fall asleep, Christens alarm clock goes off. "what a wonderful start to my day'' I mumble. I being my daily routine, make breakfast (today was waffles), feed Taylor , and change her. By the time I get to do anything for myself Christen has already left for work. As soon as Taylor realizes that her "dad" left for work she cries "dadadad" for 20 minutes straight, luckily I spend those 20 minutes in the shower. Since I am 17 and have no job, and a kid I can't go shopping or hang out with my friends like a normal teen!! So I'm stuck home with Taylor. We sit an watch T.V for a while when  receive a text from my best friend Emily ( ~ means Emily - is Vanessa)

~Guess Wat!!~

I quickly text her back


~ u and I are going to a 1D concert~


~ I'm picking u up at 8:30 so be ready~

I quickly call Christen and tell him that I'm going out tonite!



*hey everyone its Natalie, ik its probably horrible! tell me what u think I the comments or kik me @natalienutella I will try to do 2 chapters a day*


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