Destiny is a 12 year old girl who gets bullied alot throughout school by the popular kids Liam Payne, Danielle Peazer, Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Elenour Calder, and Harry Styles. She dosen't know why they bully her but she is determined to find out this schol year.


3. History project

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Niall POV~

Brrring well the end of the first day, time to head to Destiny's house to get this project started. "Hey wait up," I said while running up to her.

"Don't you like wanna wait til more people leave,she said while looking at the ground."

"Well not really I can always try being your friend if you don't push me away, I said with a cheeky grin."

"Um well I don't really live that far away so we are gonna have to walk to it if it alright with you,"she said smiling.

Yes! I got her to smile, she's actually not bad looking at all.

" Niall,Niall,Niall", she said snapping her fingers in front of me.

"Ya", I said

"Is there something in my teeth," she said kinda shy

" Um no why", I said,

"Well casue you were staring at my teeth, with this weird facial expression on your face",she said 

"OH um...", I said kinda blushing.

" we are here at my kingdom of awesomeness", she told me

haha she's a weird girl but, that's fine cause I'm weird like that too.

Destiny POV~

"Hey, mom, hey Dad, This is Niall my partner for the history project", I said. 

"Nice to meet you Niall I'm Mrs.Blake," my mom said all cheerful and stuff.

"And I'm Mr.Blake," my dad said 

"Nice to meet you Mrs. and Mr.Blake" he said 

"Well we are going to go up stairs and ya bye" I said while running up my stairs.

Well at least they didn't embarrass me, cause the last thing I need are my bullies calling me baby names. 

Niall POV~

Her parents see nice enough,and she has a huge house maybe that is the perks of being the only child.

"OK this is my room, this is the bathroom and that's my parents room and outside is the pool so try to stay away from it" she said while showing me around her house.

" Wait hold up you have a swimming pool," I asked her

" Ya, but please stay away from it," she told me. 

"Here is the school room,witch just means like supplies i might need for school or mostly anything that i really need for school." she said while looking at the ground.

We walked in and let me tell you it was humongous. We sat down and discuss what are project should be about. We ended up deciding to do a play about how humans have changed throughout time. after that i still  had an hour left before i had too go home so we just sat there staring at the walls it was pretty akwar, but then i got bored and said,

"Do you have any food that i can eat. You know since we been sitting here for like an hour or so doing nothing".

"Um ya I do," she said while standing up and motioning me to fallow her downstairs to the kitchen.

When we got down stairs she said I could pick out any thing I wanted since her parents left a few minuets ago. I got some sandwiches i mean like 4 or so. To my surprise she got the same amount.

"Wow I didn't really think girls at that much." I said with a mouth full of food.

"Well I'm not most girls, I love to eat food any kind, do you have a problem with it?" she said all sassy

"Um not really I just never thought girls eat as much as boys do," I said. 

"Well we can,"

 After that we eat in silence and let me tell you she eats fast we finished in like 5-10 minuets.

"Hey I was wondering if you wanted to come to my b-day party?" I asked her 

Destiny POV~

Did he just invite me to his b-day party awesome, but should I go hmm... I hope its not a pool party cause I don't know how to swim. 

"S-Sure," I said

"Awesome by the way it's a pool party so bring your bathing suits and its next Friday." he said

Great it's a pool party well i'll just try to not drop in the pool, well if he has it here i can like pretend to do stuff so I don't have to go in the pool great yes I well I'll ask him.

" Hey how about you have the pool party here I have a pool and a lot of food we can plan it together if it alright with you." I asked

"Awesome even better sure, instead of being your bully we can start off as friends then become best friend." he said while jumping up and down.

hahaha he is sooo funny and cute, wait cute hes not cute snap at of it Destiny you barely know him gosh. 

BEEEEEP, great he has to go , back to my boring life.

" Hey before I go can I have your number if you have a phone," he said 

 " Sure here it is 719-828-4936," I said giving him  my number.

Then he said bye and he hugged me then left. AHHHHH HE HUGGED ME A BOY ACTUALLY HUGGED ME AHHH. Since it's was 5, and i have nothing to do I went on my laptop and stayed on it til I had to go to bed, then i got ready to go to bed. When I was in my bed my phone mad a beep and it was a text from niall,and it said night. I replied back and said nigh too.Then  I fell asleep with a smile upon my face, this turned out to be a good first day after all.



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