Destiny is a 12 year old girl who gets bullied alot throughout school by the popular kids Liam Payne, Danielle Peazer, Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Elenour Calder, and Harry Styles. She dosen't know why they bully her but she is determined to find out this schol year.


2. first day of school pt.2

Destiny POV~

Yup my music teacher said it my partner is oficially harry styles. I walked over to him and sat down. For you assigment I want you to write your own song with your partner.Well I'm going to leave you to it. So uh.......what do you want to write the song about I said trying to be nice. I don't care he spat. You know im only trying to make a conversation here, I don't want to be your partner at all but  I don't want to fail music ok. Jeez you dont have to get angry at me, he said.YES I DO!! I blurted out, everyone heads shot towards us. Listen I don't care what we write just try to atleast be nice to me while we are in this room, so back to the first question I asked, what do you want the song to be about.

Harry POV~

 I cant beleive I'm stuck writing a stupid song with her. She asked me what i want the song to be,I spat out I don't care. Then she said I only want to make a conversation with that anoying voice. Then she got angry at me. To make her more annoyed I told her that she dosen't need to get angry. Then she blurted out yes i do. Everyones head shot towards her, I was going to laugh but then she looked back at me and relaxed her voice and asked me the same question again. Then she started writing some words in the note book when she was finished she handed it to me and I read this


Right from the start you were a theif

you stole my heart and 

I your willing victim

Wow that is amazing i said she said thanks, but then the bell rang I grabbed her hand before she could exit. Hey i was wondering if you wanted to sit with me and my friends at lunch. Yes I know we bully her but it dosen't mean we cant start over does it? As I said to liam no I won't go sit next to you guys at lunch you bully I dont think I would like to be my bullies friend,she said. Why not? Cause i dont want to I don't have a reason like you don't have a reason you bully me. Then she walked away and,disappeared into the crowed. 

Destiny POV~

The nerves of some people, like ya I'll go sit with your friends while you go make a plan to humilate me in front of the whole freaking school. People I'm not that dumb what am i saying im not dumb at all. When I got home I went straight to the kitchen. Since I only get 15 minutes before I have to start walking back to my school ugh, school has been treating me like crap. I made a turkey sandwitch, and had some pudding. When I finished eating that I grabbed an apple and started walking back to school, atleast I have half of the day to go and, then I can go home and just relaxed. When I got to school I threw my apple away and started heading to geography.

Niall POV~

I know Destiny hates us but I have never done anything to her except laugh at her and call her names, ok I've done stuff but not phisically like zayn,liam, and louis. When I got to the cafeteria i sat down with my group. Hey i said hows the first day of school treating you so far guys and girls.Perrie awesome I'm partners with zayn in math class, as she winked at him. Dani well me and Liam are writing a love song for music class. Louis and I are doing a history project together elle said all perky. What about you niall, they all said in unsion ,terrible, i told them back. Why? dani asked, cause I'm paired up with that freak show Destiny for history. Ouch dude I'm sorry. I'ts fine i can get through it.

Harry POV~

Speak for your self dude I have to write a song with her. This first day was sooo....stupid. What kind of teacher do that like seriously,they can atleast wait until the next week or something. Brrrring , the bell rang see ya later guys gotta go finish my last three classes that I have left.

(a/n sorry for such a sucky chapter i'll right beeter next chapter thanks for reading btw)




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