Destiny is a 12 year old girl who gets bullied alot throughout school by the popular kids Liam Payne, Danielle Peazer, Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Elenour Calder, and Harry Styles. She dosen't know why they bully her but she is determined to find out this schol year.


1. first day of school

My name is Destiny and I'm 12, I live in Miami,Florida. I go to a school called Lark forest middle school, I am actually going into 7th grade. I have long brown curly hair, Im always hungry no matter what, i could literally eat a horse sometimes. My parent are both lawyers, they are always away on bussniess trips or when they have to defend a client so they go all the way to like new york or california.I'm the only child witch sucks sometimes cause I get bored alot. I'm a shy girl, but once you get to know me im out going, weird and crazy girl. Well tomorrow is the first day of school which sucks because I've been avoiding the world since summer started.


Destiny's POV~

Beep,Beep,Beep ugh stupid alarm clock it's 6am,and its the first day of hell which is school. I got up and tok a 15minute shower. when I got out I wrapped my hair up then I put on my green skinny jeans a floral spagehetti strap shirt with some sandals. I took out my hair and straitened it then put it up into a pony tail. I walked down stairs to be gretted by my mom who was making breakfeast and my dad reading the news. i know typical parets. "Hi sweety, are you ready  for school,"my mom said "ya i guess so.I ate my breakfet, and then checked the time on my phone its was 7:15. bye mom bye dad see you after school. Since I live close to school I walked. When I arrived at the school I walked as fast as I could get to the office.I enterted grabbed my schedule and locker number + my combination. I walked to my locker put all the school supplies in my locker then looked at my schedule








Free Period

and every other day except saturday,and sunday i have 



Show Choir 





Then I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up and saw my bullies, then POW Zayn punched me straight in the gut. I fell to my knees and curled up into a ball, then i heard them say Welcome back to school Ugly.

Niall POV~

After Zayn punched destiny in the gut I kinda felt bad for her, we all used to be friends untill something changed that. Once she fell on the ground and curled up into a ball we all said in unsion welcomeback ugly. I don't know why we call her ugly when she is not even ugly like at all. Dude Dude liam said are you ok? Ya im fine. Hey meet up whith you guys i got to go to history I said bye and walked into history. I sat in the back of the class and waited untill class started. Welcome class I'll be your history teacher for the rest of the school year. Ok we are gonna start a partener project. Great first day of school and already having a assigment to do Ugh! Ok class open upu your history books up to the first page.Before you go your partners are going to be stapled to this wall and the project is due at the end of this month. When class finished I got up went to the paper looked for my name and my partner well great partner Destiny Blake.

Destiny POV~

The teacher just said that we are doing a partner project and on the first day too oh my god. She just had to open the mouth and say it's a partner project great this year is going to be hell. She started talking again, i just started blocking her out of my thoughts and just thought about how it would be nice if i had just one friend to talk to,to hang with just be there for me. When class was over I went to go see who was my partner maybe we could be friends. I found my name and next to it was Niall horan just great get teased at home when we work on it , or matbe i can tell him ill do all the work and he can slap his name on it. I carefully walked up to him. Hey how bout i do all the work and you just put your name on it. Actually I'll help you it would be fun he said um actually you wont cause you dont want to be hanging with a low life like me would you what would your friends think because you dont like me. No its fine i dont mind plus if i didnt help you i wouldnt learn any thing. Fine um meet up at my house i guess. I walked out the class and startyed heading to my locker I got my stuff and started walking to math class, but then i was pulled into an empty corridor. Zayn, and Liam started beating me up and calling me thigs like whore, slut and stuff like that. Then they heard the bell and left me there. I got my stuff and got to math class well great the only seat left to sit next to is the one and only Liam Payne. Does god want me to suffer I don't understand first partners with Niall now this. I walked over to him and sat next to him he looked at me with this discuss face on him. The teacher came in and said welcome class to algebra, we have this thing called study partners and when in class im going to give you some math problems and the person sitting next to you is your partner and you have to do the problems together. The first partners that complete it together will get a prize. O no O no O no O no I'm going to die.

Liam POV~

Great the girl I hate is my partner for everything we do in math for this school year. I turned to her and said hi i saw her flinch a little i didn't know she was that scared of me. She turned and said hi back since we were partners teh teacher made this whole class to talk to our partners to get to know them better. Well here I go. Ok Destiny whats your favorite color green she said whats your she asked i said purple we started talking about random thing. I'm actually going to say this this girl is not of anything that we called her she nice funny and awesome. Hey do you want to sit next to me and my friends for lunch we could all start all over and be friends with you.

Destiny POV~

did he really just ask me if i wanted to sit next to his friends the people that have been ulling me since 4th grade. Um No your probably thinking that we would be friends i tell you all my secrets them betray me and tel the whole freaking school no tank you. Come on I'm sorry we all bullied you  we didnt mean to. Ya right and anyways if your telling the truth you cant take back all those punches,kicking calling names back can you now. No. Exactly. Brrrrrrrrrrrring the bell rang and i got up and left when i got out i ran to girls bathroom, then i started crying. I stood up and wiped my tears off my face, but then the pop girls came in.

Perrie POV~

Aww look girl the little turd head was crying. Poor baby. Move i need to fix my make up because im beautiful Ha like you will ever know what being beautiful is,

Destiny POV~

What do they have against me. I stood up and left the bathroom why am i so ugly can't i pretty matbe then i would actually have friends well one more class and then lunch where i can walk home and eat alone there. Well atleast im going to music my favorite subject. I walked in and sat on the rug where we sit. The class started and tyeacher said we are putting on a show at the end of the year so we had to try out for parts. For right now we are gonna do duets. Well this is going to be an awesome school year-not. OK class when i call your name with your partner go sit next to them. Destiny your with Harry. Not again.


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