Birdy`s travel: 4i1o

I`m a girl named Birdy. Ok thats not my real name but I hate my real one. Anyway, I`m going to my 4th year at hogwarts, but this was not as i expected it. I get to see my half-brother for the first time since I was three. Why he is coming, its because hogwarts is going to have a compition so Durmstrang, Beaxbatons and Quell as the monster school is named is coming (my brother goes to Quell). As everyone, I have a little secret from my best friends, ok a major secret, this is going to sound ridiculus but I`m partly human partly dog partly bird and partly snake. No one knows, cuz I have no parents (i live alone)
but course my brother knows and he will tell every one. While my worrys of that is in my head, old classmates appear. But then what happened to the idiot-goblet that picked my name. Crap!
(this is hapenning in the 4th book of H.P.)
This is the first Movella in this serie


12. unnormal Christmas ball

Even if I`m blind I had to go to the christmas ball. Uggh! I didn`t want to go, but Mcgonagall said that since I`m a competitor I have to go. Mcgonagall had taken me up at the hogwarts list over people that was staying at hogwarts in christmas, she said that it had been almost full. 

Tomorrow was the christmas ball, I had a dress but I hate wearing dresses especially if they`re long. I had to go with it though that or my black dress that was completely destroyd. Since I was still blind, I coudn`t go to my classes today either, but I got a surprise. A person came in and walked towards my bed. 

"Hey, how`s it going." It`s fred or George

"Hey, not really good."

"It`s George, just if you didn`t hear it."

"I knew it must`ve been you or Fred."

"So I just wanned to ask you, if you..." He hesitated "Do you want to go to the ball with me?"

"Yeah, sure." Don`t misunderstand me, I was screaming of joy inside of me, or maybe it was pain from the leg I sometime got that. We talked a little before Madame Pomfrey chased him out, "She need sleep." She said to get George out.


Next day I woke up from a nightmare;

I saw Fred and George`s brother Percy and next to him stood George or maybe it was Fred. They fought someone in a hogwarts corridor, but suddenly a huge stone came flying trough the window and Fred or if it was George died, I kinda hoped that it was Fred and not George but it was just a dream, right?

I woke up and saw nothing course. After a while Hermoine came with my dress and jewellery she was all ready for the ball, to bad I couldn`t see her. Hermoine helped me dress up and then we were heading down for the ball. "I have to go to Krumm." Hermoine said and then she was gone. "Wow! You look stunning." I heard a voice say behind me, it was George. Mcgonagall came and picked us up cuz the competitors wer having this big thing when they walked in. How silly isn`t that? After a while of waiting and talking to the others we could go in. I don`t really know if anyone were looking ugly at me, but I didn`t care.


George`s P.O.V.

I couldn`t believe that Fred had locked me in this closet, he had jumbed up at me and knocked me out, and now I was inside a closet. I knew that Fred liked Birdy but hey I did to. I had asked her to the ball and now Fred was down there with Birdy, while I was stucked up in this closet. He had course taken my wand and locked the door, after a while with hamring on the door and screaming Dean Thomas came and locked it up for me. "What are you doing here?" He asked me "I thought you were dancing with Birdy." Ah bloody hell! Damn take fred!

"What? That`s Fred that stupid idiot." I muttered

"You should hurry up, Birdy think that Fred is you."

I went down as fast as I could in this nightmare. Fred was down there with my girl... or she isn`t my girl yet, but at least Fred was down there with Birdy, pretending to be me! I got down there just in time to see Birdy and Fred out of the dance floor and then eat dinner. Fred looked up at me and gave an evil smile.


Birdy`s P.O.V.

I could feel someone come into the great hall, it was George! "Oh my god!" I whispered and let go of fred`s hands.

"Why did you lock your brother in to a closet, Fred?"

"What? Why are you calling me Fred?"

suddenly I got my vision back, and I looked pissed at Fred, and he looked frightened. George came over to us, this was humiliating, some people were staring at us, I understood why. Suddenly before anyone of us could say anything more, An owl came and I knew it was Savier. Savier flew down to us and turned himself into his normal catshape, he handed me a letter and then took of again. I looked at the letter. I already knew what was standing there, or i knew it was bout my brother Mike. Yes I have one more brother, but he disapeared when I was nine, he was seven. I had been looking for him since he disapeared, but never found him. So after a while of looking, an author took over that job.

I opened the letter slowely, I was afraid of what were standing there. I didn`t read the letter, I just looked at the picture of him; His chest was open and his heart ripped out of it. "Excuse me." I said and then went of before my tears would be over my cheeks.

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