Birdy`s travel: 4i1o

I`m a girl named Birdy. Ok thats not my real name but I hate my real one. Anyway, I`m going to my 4th year at hogwarts, but this was not as i expected it. I get to see my half-brother for the first time since I was three. Why he is coming, its because hogwarts is going to have a compition so Durmstrang, Beaxbatons and Quell as the monster school is named is coming (my brother goes to Quell). As everyone, I have a little secret from my best friends, ok a major secret, this is going to sound ridiculus but I`m partly human partly dog partly bird and partly snake. No one knows, cuz I have no parents (i live alone)
but course my brother knows and he will tell every one. While my worrys of that is in my head, old classmates appear. But then what happened to the idiot-goblet that picked my name. Crap!
(this is hapenning in the 4th book of H.P.)
This is the first Movella in this serie


13. The kiss

George`s P.O.V.

"Excuse me." Birdy said and then ran out of the great hall with her blue dress waving after her looking like the sea and her hair in the same colour, she is sad. I took a look at the picture that she`d been looking at; It was a boy maybe elleven or something, that had his chest open and it looked like the heart was ripped out of it. "What`s wrong?" A girl asked she looked like someone I knew but who? She was sitting next to Krumm who looked concerned. "Hermoine?" Fred asked the girl. "Yes, but what`s wrong?" I looked down at the letter and read outloud:


"I`m truly sorry to say that we found your brother dead, our suspicions is that no others than Richard Pace have done this, with the thought on how his heart is ripped out. We think he will try to come in to  hogwarts and come to you to. Be careful, take care. Parker Looth"

Wow! I could really understand why she ran out. A man was out there looking for so he could kill her. 


Birdy`s P.O.V.

I headed for the room of requirement, thoughI might shouldn`t go anywhere alone. Whatever, it`s not like he is here already. I didn`t expect anyone to follow me so I was surprised when after a while, George came in. He saw me laying on my bed and went over. He sat on the bed side, not looking at but looking at what was in here. "How do you do it?" he asked me still not looking at me.

"Do what?"

"Keep up in school, even if you are not in the classes, playing the piano every night, keeping up your mood even if there is some one out there looking for you, looking for a place for you me and Fred to have our store and looking after your brother..."

"It`s not that hard."

"I wasn`t done, and keeping all this from your friends. There, I`m done." He said and now he was looking at me. I sat next to him now, looking at my hands. He still looked at me and then said: "When you feel like talking, you can tell me everything." I looked up at him, his face was only centimetres from mine. He leaned a little towards me. And I figured out what he was about to do little to late. He kissed me, and I kissed back. This felt strange, I mean he was sixteen and I`m fourteen. Well, well what can you do? We slept in the same bed that night, Me with my head on his arm and him beside of me. 


Next morning I woke up in my ball dress, I changed before George woke up. After he to had woken  up we got down for breakfast. This time I got looks, but they were more sympathetic. Did all of them know about it? Well, well. Today is the second Task so better find out what it is, the gold egg is the thing for the third task so I better take a look at that after the task today.

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