Birdy`s travel: 4i1o

I`m a girl named Birdy. Ok thats not my real name but I hate my real one. Anyway, I`m going to my 4th year at hogwarts, but this was not as i expected it. I get to see my half-brother for the first time since I was three. Why he is coming, its because hogwarts is going to have a compition so Durmstrang, Beaxbatons and Quell as the monster school is named is coming (my brother goes to Quell). As everyone, I have a little secret from my best friends, ok a major secret, this is going to sound ridiculus but I`m partly human partly dog partly bird and partly snake. No one knows, cuz I have no parents (i live alone)
but course my brother knows and he will tell every one. While my worrys of that is in my head, old classmates appear. But then what happened to the idiot-goblet that picked my name. Crap!
(this is hapenning in the 4th book of H.P.)
This is the first Movella in this serie


5. Surprise

After I had played Russian Roulette by Rihanna, I went down to the others for dinner. I sat down opposite of George, wich was not so smart I found out. "So something special happenning this year?" I asked, while i drank some pumpkin juice (wich was not smart either). "We are having visit from Durmstrang, Beaxbatons and the monster school Quell." Ron said, and now you`re gonna hear why it wasn`t smart to sit opposite of George and drink pumpkin juice; I spit it all over George and some of it came over at Fred. "Sorry, but Quell!?" I said a little to loud, cuz some of the other students sent looks. "Yeah, what`s wrong?" George asked, while cleaning himself up. "No, nothing. Just my brother goes at that school." I said, That was true, cuz he had actually been a squib, but then he got bit by a werewolf, and he received a letter from Beather and went there, and I never saw him again. "There must be something more than that if spit all of your pumpkin juice at me and your hair goes white." George said cuz he knew that nothing scared me and nothing you can do or say really effect me. "I have just not seen my brother on four years. I got some food before Dumbledore sent us of to bed. Ok, now I can tell you why I was surprised and a little scared: You begin at Beather when you`re ten, so I went there one year since I`m partly dog, bird and snake. I didn`t feel home so I went to Hogwarts instead, and there I was home. I am afraid that since those I was in class with is coming they will tell all my friends that I am partly dog, bird and snake. I mean, what will they say? especially about me being partly snake! And then whenwe go on with the secret I could tell that Voldemort is my Second cousin, and that I have The Slytherin Wand. After I had worried me about this I went to sleep.

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