Birdy`s travel: 4i1o

I`m a girl named Birdy. Ok thats not my real name but I hate my real one. Anyway, I`m going to my 4th year at hogwarts, but this was not as i expected it. I get to see my half-brother for the first time since I was three. Why he is coming, its because hogwarts is going to have a compition so Durmstrang, Beaxbatons and Quell as the monster school is named is coming (my brother goes to Quell). As everyone, I have a little secret from my best friends, ok a major secret, this is going to sound ridiculus but I`m partly human partly dog partly bird and partly snake. No one knows, cuz I have no parents (i live alone)
but course my brother knows and he will tell every one. While my worrys of that is in my head, old classmates appear. But then what happened to the idiot-goblet that picked my name. Crap!
(this is hapenning in the 4th book of H.P.)
This is the first Movella in this serie


7. Old classmates

The next morning I woke up from a nightmare:

I went trough the park and there was all of my friends, X-friends. I tried to reach them, I wanted to explain why I lied to them, but when I ran towards them they only went further away. I could see their shapes faid away in the darkness and then they were gone. I was alone in a grey, dark park. Helplessly I ran in the water maybe I could drown so I didn't have to get back or maybe someone down there could strangle me to death.

suddenly I woke up realizing it was in the morning, and that my alarm was ringing so loudly I bet all the others were awake cuz of that. I couldn't find my uniform so I had to take black jeans and a white shirt. When I came down for breakfast they all sat at the Gryffindor table and ate. So, since I didn't wanted to face them right now, I went to my first class today. I thought of who they had been sitting with and chatted to, Jack course. Damn take him, what if he just scare them even more than he usually scare people, how did he even get friends? Maybe they're to scared not to be, or they're monsters. "...Idiot!" I suddenly heard, it was a boy's voice. And then I could see who it was, a boy I had been in class with. His name was, if I remember right, his name is Aber and he had friends. Aber looked normal if you don't count the fangs, brown hair, a little taller than me. He wasn't that pale but little bit, he wearied jeans low converse, T-shirt and a jacket. He had said idiot to his friend The Bug.They called him The Bug, cuz he could turn into any kinda bug you could think of, maybe even more. And then there was some other guys and some girls that I don't remembered the name of. When I walked past them, they stopped me course. Damn it! "Hey, Birdy?" Aber said, looking at me like I was crazy. though I'm a bit crazy, but hey who isn't? "What are you doing here? We thought you were dead or something." He said still looking at me strangely. "Well, then you're stupid. Bye!" I said, and tried to walk away, but they got in my way. "No one calls Aber stupid." A girl said, she had blue skin so I guess she is one of the half mermaids people. "To bad, cuz this is my home and I say what I want to" I smiled at them, and since the to big guys wouldn't move, guess what I did. I pushed them into the walls so they passed out.


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