Birdy`s travel: 4i1o

I`m a girl named Birdy. Ok thats not my real name but I hate my real one. Anyway, I`m going to my 4th year at hogwarts, but this was not as i expected it. I get to see my half-brother for the first time since I was three. Why he is coming, its because hogwarts is going to have a compition so Durmstrang, Beaxbatons and Quell as the monster school is named is coming (my brother goes to Quell). As everyone, I have a little secret from my best friends, ok a major secret, this is going to sound ridiculus but I`m partly human partly dog partly bird and partly snake. No one knows, cuz I have no parents (i live alone)
but course my brother knows and he will tell every one. While my worrys of that is in my head, old classmates appear. But then what happened to the idiot-goblet that picked my name. Crap!
(this is hapenning in the 4th book of H.P.)
This is the first Movella in this serie


10. first test= blind?

From now on I went back to the Gryffindore common room and the dormitory were I actually should have been sleeping in. Hermoine welcomed me back with a smile, but the others weren`t that happy bout it. I got my friends and my bed back, and even the stares couldn`t make me feel sad or angry, but Harry and Ron wasn`t friends, cuz Ron felt jealous at Harry for having all the attention, though both me and arry ment that we could change anytime he wanned. As for Fred and George, they just pretended that nothing of this had ever happened, but they were planning on having bets on who would win this shit. (A.N:Sorry if my language isn`t appropriate, but I don`t have a religion) When I went up to The Room of Requirement to play a song, a girl from Quell stopped me. "Hey, Birdy." She said with an evil glimpse in her eyes, it was cat eyes. I guess she is half cat, and then I saw her cat ears on top of her head so that just sealed my suspicions. "You seemed to be in a hurry, were are you headed?" She asked still evil in the eyes. "Nowhere, you need to care bout." I answerred. I think the only way to get away from her is to rude to her.

"Well I will be quiq. Stay away from Aber." 

"What makes you think that I`m in to him anyway?"

"Oh c`mon, who wouldn`t?"

"Not me." I said with an evil smile on my face, and went past her and up to The Room of Requirement with no other word. I played Super bass by Nicki Minaj and then got down for dinner. I saw Fred and George talking to Jack and I went to sit with them. Ignoring the stares I got down to were they sat, but then Harry stopped me. God! What is it with people and stopping me from going places? "Hey." Harry said "I`m going to be quiq, the first test in the 4i1o. We are going to fight dragons."   "Ok, have you told Puffy?" I asked, he looked confused so I said:


"Oh, yeah I have."  

"Good, can I eat now?" I asked him and he just nodded, so I went to Fred, George and Jack. They looked up at me and smiled, and I smiled back. I sat opposite of George and beside of Jack. "So what are we talking bout?" I asked and got the answer imidiatly. "The bets." they all said synchronized like they had been practising this for days.

"They think you would win and not me." Jack said

"What?" That must be bullshit." 

"Nope, We think you have the best chance." George said, looking at me like it was the first time we had met. I knew he liked me but it was to dangerous for us to be together, since I`m related to Voldemort.

Today was the first test of the 4i1o, we were picked up right after breakfast, they had done the Quidditch pitch to kinda like a stadium were you could have the dragons. the competitors were going to sit in a tent until they were going out to fight the dragon. Then all the principals came along with Fudge and Bart. They had a bag with them, I guess they had some tiny models of the dragon in the bag. I was the last to take out my dragon, it was a Norwegian Ridgeback, the same type as Hagrid had had a couple of years back in time. 

First up was Krumm, then Delacour, then Puffy, then Jack, then Harry and then finally me. That was a long time to wait. They shouted out my name and I walked in to the field. That was the worst time I`ve ever experienced; I just walked out, saw some light, ducked little to late and then I couldn`t see anything. I was completely blind.

I tried to feel my way to get to the gold egg that I was suposed to get, but the only thing I got out of that was a burnt leg. I can`t even explain the pain, it was like walking on the sun with one leg. I tried to creep little more but then I reached someting strange, it felt like a giant reptile or something. But then I realised it was the dragon, so guess what I did. I climbed up the dragon until I got to its head, then it atleast couldn`t hurt me. This dragon was smart, though, it shoke its head so I almost fell of, but I held on tight in it`s... nostrils, eeew! This was not the way I planned it but I kept on hanging there until, I heard something crack. Then i lost my take on the dragon and fell down right beside of the eggs, and when I did I realised that the crack was the egg it was opening. Damn it! I felt my way to the gold egg while the dragon was trying to eat me. I can tell you that; that is not easy peasy, but I managed to get the egg before the dragon could eat me or the little dragon kid could get out of the egg.

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