Stalker becomes Hunted

No one goes near her. Not unless they want their arms chopped off (and I assure you it would not be pleasant...). Xyliar only has one family member... her brother. But they lead less than normal lives. Others live in fear of the demonic creatures that haunt the darkness in the night, but then you have the hunters. They turn the stalker into their prey.
She finds it oddly difficult to accept other people, but who needs other people? Who needs anyone? All she needs is the katana at her hip and the murderous hatred of those who prey on the weak and vulnerable.


4. The whisper of the moon

“It’s fine dear! You can stay here as long as you need to! Young Zenith is such a sweet lad… I hope to see him soon.” Mrs Endersan smiled brightly and patted the girl on the shoulder.

            Xyliar nodded respectfully and walked into their home after the dumpy woman with short sandy hair. Two girls wondered into the hallway. Their faces blank but their body language showed that they were obviously curious about who was at their door. They were scarily similar, twins by the look of it; both of them had auburn curled hair, pulled up in tight pigtails. They even had matching pyjamas, pink with white and red flowers scattered over the trousers and plain baby pink tops. Their bare feet slapped across the tiled hallway floor, the sound reverberating off the close walls.

            “Caddy, Lola say hello to… what was your name?”

            “Xyliar.” The huntress replied flatly.

            “Do you mind if I go to sleep now. I have to get up at three tomorrow.”

            “Three! Where on earth are you going?!” One of the twin girls asked, her pale blue eyes glowing with confusion.

            “That’s none of your business Caddy!” Mrs Endersan snapped, swatting the children up the stairs. “Xylia, have you eaten?” Xyliar ignored the mispronunciation of her name.


            “Well, well, I can’t have that can I? I’ll cook you up a little meal and then you can get off to bed, yeah?” The plump woman wondered off into a room, waving a casual hand at her to follow.




The moon glowed in the midnight blue sky. Stars twinkled and flickered like burning candles in the darkness, casting shadows across the small guest room. The lamp beside the bed shone slightly after just being on, the only thing visible. A single glowing orb of light.

            The shutters on every other window in the house clattered quietly against the pains. Xyliar never slept with the windows covered. She didn’t hide away from the prying eyes of the nihileitatas like other humans would. She clutched her katana in a swath of silken cloth, as black as the hair on her head, gently caressing the blade in a feeble attempt at cleaning it.


A feint knock at the door pulled her from her thoughts.

            “Yeah?” It swung open slowly, revealing a small auburn haired boy with a baby blue pyjama one-piece.

            “I got scared. What if nihilei come and get me?” He said quietly.

            Xyliar looked at the teary boy with weariness. “Why don’t you go and see your mother?” She muttered uncomfortably.

            “It’s all full up. The twins are there, and Lukas and Tilly won’t let me in.” He started sobbing glumly.

            “Please don’t cry…” The girl sat up and placed the katana back into its sheath, removing the silk cloth. He crept closer to the bed until he was right beside it.

            “Please.” The child pleaded. Xyliar didn’t know what to do; she hated little children even more than anyone else. Snivelly messes…

            “Um… I-I’m not so sure you’ll-” Fat tears glowed on his cheeks in the darkness.

            “I don’t want to be alone.” The whisper of a voice was too much to resist, even for a heartless person like Xyliar.

            “Okay, come on.” She pulled the thick quilted covers off the bed and moved up to make room for the boy. “How many people are there here? You said there’s a Lukas and Tilly. Who’re they?”

            “My big brother and sister. There’s Caddy and Lola too. And baby Michael.”

            “Oh right, and what’s your name.” Her voice remained flat and cold, but it didn’t seem to put the boy off, he cuddled up to her stomach with his back and curled into a ball.

            “My name is Zachery. But call me Zach.” Zach’s soft voice began to fade into an almost silent whisper, and after seconds tiny snores emitted from his warm figure.

            “I really don’t like children.” Xyliar muttered and drifted off into sleep as well.




The clock chimed down the wooden floored corridor. One. Two. Three. It was three o’clock, time to go.

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