Stalker becomes Hunted

No one goes near her. Not unless they want their arms chopped off (and I assure you it would not be pleasant...). Xyliar only has one family member... her brother. But they lead less than normal lives. Others live in fear of the demonic creatures that haunt the darkness in the night, but then you have the hunters. They turn the stalker into their prey.
She finds it oddly difficult to accept other people, but who needs other people? Who needs anyone? All she needs is the katana at her hip and the murderous hatred of those who prey on the weak and vulnerable.


15. Letters and cuts

“What?!” Zenith exclaimed jumping to his feet and climbing over the bed to stare at the man lying on the floor. “What?!” He repeated in shock. Xyliar glared down at Varian from the table she was sat on. She didn’t know what to say. It was like something you’d read in a book…

            “So… wait… you’re our… but… but… you’re so irritating, please don’t tell me that’s true!” Xyliar said desperately, suddenly Varian realised just how much the girl disliked him, he couldn’t help but laugh heartily.

            “Aaaaawwww, treeeeeaaaattt yoooooour pooooor daaaaadddddyyyy with sooome respeeeect!” He whined, pouting and pretending to be sad.

            “Ahh! Please tell me you’re joking!”

            “Well I’d figured out as much, you forget I am the cleverest in the lower order.” Zenith grinned happily. “Personally I don’t mind that!I think of Varian as a dad already!” Zenith said, his usual light and happy self. “That’s so cool! So… are we going to Japan then… to see Yukimura… sama?” He looked at his sister uncertainly, not as familiar with the language as her.

            “Yeah, that would be best, I’ll leave Caecelius in charge for a while, while we’re gone, you didn’t hit him too hard did you Xylie?”

            “N-no…” She couldn’t understand how they could be acting so normal, but she remained silent at the hope of returning home…



Four days later…


After a day of questions and explaining on Varian’s half they’d finally established that he really was their father… a man they’d never believed to actually meet in a situation like that… not in any situation. Xyliar couldn’t believe that that man was really a blood relative… Why didn’t she remember him? Why didn’t she remember anything about her parents, she’d always thought that her mother had given her up straight away, but four whole years… it was too weird to understand. Had she really only been in the Japanese branch of Praelia for a few months..? That didn’t make any sense. It couldn’t be.

            “So are you all set?” Varian’s annoying, whiney voice interrupted her thoughts.


            “To go to Japan?” He smiled at her warmly. Xyliar glared at him and continued to sharpen her katana.

            “Yeah, it’s Zenith you should be asking. Did you remember spare shoes, quiet and normal?”

            “Oh!” He swore. “God! I’ll go get them now! I didn’t even pack any shoes!” He ran from the boss’ large room, padding along on his socked feet.

            “That boy.” Xyliar grumbled under her breath.  “And you. Don’t think I like you in any way. I never have and I never will.” She snapped coldly and slid her blade back into its sheaf, safely away from the man before her; it was hard not to be stabbing him at that moment.

            “Xyliar… you have to understand, I had to keep it from y-”

            “Stop!” She interrupted. “Just stop, I don’t care what you have to say, just take me to Yukimura-sama and be done with it, I can’t wait to be rid of this damn country.” Xyliar gave Varian a cold glare and left to make sure Zenith was packing the right shoes.

            When she entered her brother’s cluttered room she found him sitting in the middle of the floor, his shoulders quivering as he stared down at something in his hand. “Zenith? Are you alright?” She asked uncertainly. He turned to her slowly. Tears streamed from his green eyes.

            “Xylair. I-I didn’t want you to see… you haven’t had the time yet… I was going to tell you…” In his hand was a folded envelope. “I couldn’t do anything. They all- they all died because of me.” He whispered the last sentence so his sister could barely hear.

            “Zenith. Show me.” It was the softest he’d heard her voice in years, love and caring filled the words like she was regarding something more precious to her than life itself, which was true. She’d only ever cared about one person since moving from Japan, and vowed he would always be the only one. The priority of her existence.

            He held out the envelope, sniffing. Xyliar sat awkwardly beside him, allowing him to place his head in her lap for the first time in… how long? Probably since the last time he’d truly cried.

            She upturned it and let five pictures fall into her lap, along with a folded piece of paper. The pictures were anything but pleasant, they showed four children all of them dead and sliced up beyond recognition, some of them missing limbs or worse… the fifth was of a pile of bodies, charred and burned. Xyliar put them on the floor, face down, and opened the letter:


You killed the children, feel the guilt possess you forever. You could have saved them all… eventually. Show this to no one or I will kill you all. Make this how you choose. Death or life. Your choice. I await you decision. Good luck, boy… Zenith. Just remember, everything was your fault. Yours and that damned sister of yours. You will rot in the depths of hell, I will guarantee this.


Xyliar read it through over and over, horrified and angry. “Who was this?!”

            “I don’t know… they keep sending it, every day… I find it under my pillow. I don’t understand.”

            “What did you do with the others?”

            “Burned them.” He murmured, he was still staring at his hands, she looked at them and saw that they were covered in blood.

            “Why are you covered in blood?!” Xyliar snapped suddenly, making her brother jump and sit up.

            “They keep opening up… I don’t know why they won’t heal…” He sighed and pulled up his sleeves revealing deep red cuts circling his arms. I don’t even know when it happened.”

            “Why didn’t you tell anyone?!” She exclaimed, standing up and pulling him with her roughly.

            “I wanted to tell you but with the whole thing that you did and finding out about our father-“

            “He’s not- you mean the boss.” Xyliar glared at the floor. “Continue.”

            “um… well I never really had a chance to talk to you alone…”

            “We have to tell Varian. Come on.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him from the room, not listening to his cries of pain from the cuts on his arm.

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