Stalker becomes Hunted

No one goes near her. Not unless they want their arms chopped off (and I assure you it would not be pleasant...). Xyliar only has one family member... her brother. But they lead less than normal lives. Others live in fear of the demonic creatures that haunt the darkness in the night, but then you have the hunters. They turn the stalker into their prey.
She finds it oddly difficult to accept other people, but who needs other people? Who needs anyone? All she needs is the katana at her hip and the murderous hatred of those who prey on the weak and vulnerable.


14. History lessons

Zenith blinked in the glare of daylight through his lids, he closed his eyes again seeing the red glow of the light entering the thin layer of pinkie flesh protecting them.

            “What the hell happened..? It’s too bright…” He heard feet patter over to the window and thick blackout curtains thumped down. Zenith opened his eyes wearily and was welcomed by white hair cascading across the bed beside him. Varian was lying, propped on one elbow, watching him as he sat up carefully. The boss smiled and ruffled the boy’s hair.

            “You all right, kid?” He asked.

            “Y-yeah… what happened, I can’t remember, I was training with you then I left to do something, then it’s all foggy…” Zenith looked around puzzled. “Xyliar? I thought you were… I was going to… What’s going on.”

            “Apparently the boss has something to tell us about our parents.” His sister said coldly, her back to him and placing a hand on the door handle.

            “What? What is it.” He felt suddenly excited, he’d always wanted to know more about his past, why they didn’t have parents, and why they’d never knew them.


Xyliar couldn’t bring herself to look at him, lying on the bed acting confused and dazed. How could she do that to her own brother? But thinking like that would never help, she’d had to do it. It was necessary…

            She turned around and perched herself down onto the sofa again.

            “Well? What is it you want to tell us? What is it you’ve wasted my time for, this important information we just have to know?” She asked scornfully, trying to feel irritated, but her curiosity was getting the better of her. “Well?” she repeated.

            “Yeah, what do you want to tell us?” Zenith added excitedly.

            “Well… where to begin…” Varian said, flopping off the bed and lying on the floor, propping up his bare feet onto a table. “Well, your mom… you know where she was born and raised in Japan, where you two were born, hence some of your features.” He gestured at Zenith casually from the floor, his hand appearing from behind the bed. “But your father was not from Japan, hence the rest of your looks… but anyway getting away from your beautiful features.” He grinned at Xyliar like a child and wiggled his fingers in a wave. “Your mother was the leader of the Japanese branch of Praelia, which was back when Japan housed the main base for the organisation. But then she met your father, they settled down for a while, leaving the branch in the care of a woman called Masako Yukimura-”

            “Yukimura-sama? She was the boss in the Japanese branch when we lived there.” Xyliar said flatly, but inside her heart fluttered, Yuki-chan was still okay. The girl couldn’t help but childishly wonder if the woman remembered her, and if she missed her.

            “Yeah, she is, and what happened to your Yuki-chan, isn’t that what you used to call her, you adored that woman. All your politeness, you can just say what you want you know.” Varian laughed at Xyliar’s blushing cheeks.

            “Who’s Yukimura?” Zenith asked confusedly.

            “Zenith, show some respect. She’s quite important, a better boss than Varian by far.” His sister snapped in annoyance.

            “But anyway, moving on from Japanese etiquette lessons, Masako Yukimura took over for your mother. After three months with your father they finally settled down properly and you mom became pregnant with you.

            “She knew that if she kept working from the side-lines like she had been when she’d met your dad, you’d be at a large risk of dying so she took time away from the field and tried to prepare herself for the baby…” The boss paused as he knocked a lamp off the table his feet were perched on. “Oooooops!” He exclaimed and placed it back up onto the table cursing himself foully.

            “Moving on.” Xyliar snapped, shoving his feet off the table and sitting on it herself.

            “Yeah… so after the usual nine months you were born, I first met you when you were just a little baby, aaaaaaaawwwww Xyyyliiiieee you were soooooo cuuuuute! So tiny and fraaaail! I just loved seeing you that day, best day of my life! But after that you and your mother just completely disappeared. Your dad didn’t though; he continued to work at killing the nihileitatas and earning the needed money for his family. Only he knew where you were.

“Then Two years later she appeared again, you were three, nearly four and your mother was heavily pregnant again, with little Zennykins here. But your mother grew ill in her mind… she became warped and twisted, trying to run away with the two of you, without your father. He didn’t allow it and tried to reason with her, but she didn’t want to listen, she ended up running away without you… But of course your father could not take care of you alone, he needed to fight the nihileitatas and make sure you had good lives at the same time so he gave you to the Japanese branch of Praelia to train you up at the same time as having a good education and good home.” Varian stopped and gulped. “But after the few years you stayed there he had to transfer… to England, he wasn’t able to see you very often because that’s against the rules... But he was allowed to take you with him to Britain, and he transferred you here… He’s been slowly working his way to the top for years and now happens to be quite powerful within Praelia.”

“And why did you have to tell us this? Is there a conclusion? Or are you just being sentimental? Just reminiscing?”

“Well I thought I’d have to tell you because your mother’s been sighted again. She’s been seen walking around near where the Japanese branch is. I’ve called Yukimura and she confirmed it. But I promise I’ll keep you safe, she can’t hurt you… I don’t even know what she wants yet, when I’ve made sure that she doesn’t want to take you anywhere or hurt you then you should be able to see her! You’ll finally be able to meet your mom!” Varian looked at them excitedly, but then his face fell.

“Why is it up to you to filter through our insane family members?” Xyliar asked, raising her eyebrows suspiciously.

            “Well, there’s something else I need to say… your father… uuuuuummmm, hooow do I say this? Weeeel… you seeee I’m- I’m your… I’m that man… I’m your dad. I tried hard all these years to look after you. I want to keep doing that. Look at me now. I’m at the top. I hope you can accept that…”

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