Experimental love

Keira walker Is a 18 and she loves one direction, especially Niall Horan. She got tickets to there show one night and never came back. That's because she found out the secret behind one direction. They are vampires. Keira couldn't go home because she knew there secret. Niall starts to fall for her. will Keira fall for The Irish cutie? Will Keira let herself fall? what will happen to this Experimental Love?


8. true or false

Keira's P.O.V.

" Hey Niall. want to play a prank on Casey and the other boys." I looked at him. He looked unsure. " I don't know abo- YES!!  what do you have in mind?" he said smiling like an idiot. but I want him to be my idiot. he probably doesn't even like me. oh well I'm used to it. I guess.  " remember when we did 'it'?" I asked him. he blushed and looked down. " well the baby's coming." I giggled. He looked confused but realization flashed across his amazing features.

He started laughing really loud so I threw a pillow at him and it hit him in the face. " Stay here until I yell your name." I grabbed the pillow and put it in my shirt and fixed it to make it look like I was pregnant and ran to the edge of the stairs. "CASEY!! HELP ME!!" I yelled. Casey and the boys came running towards me with panicked expressions on their faces. Then thier expressions turned shocked."um Keira, why do you have a big belly?" Casey asked smiling.

" Well remember when me and N- AHHHH" I yelled clutching my 'belly'. "NIALL" I yelled. " what?" he asked frantic. " I think it's time. " I said. His expression was priceless. I know it was fake but it was still good. it took everything I had to not burst out laughing right there. "AHHHH. Niall I don't think I am going to make it to the hospital. " I said looking at him." um ok come back to my room. uhh guys I will handle it from here just go back and wait for me to call you guys. Louis can you come with me."  Niall said. He led me to his room and closed the door and ran back out for Louis. to make it sound real I just kept screaming every two minutes.

Niall's P.O.V.

"Louis come with me please." I said dragging him to his room.  ' before you say anything Keira isn't really pregnant." I said staring at him. He looked really confused so I explained more. " She is faking the whole thing. It's a prank. I want you to help us with it. Grab three water guns and lets go." he smiled and ran to get the guns. We ran back to  my room and saw Keira on my bed on her phone. then she just randomly screamed.

Keira's P.O.V.

 I  was reading on my phone when the door opened. It as Niall and Louis. " Niall. Do not laugh. I have an Idea. Louis as you probably know this is all just a prank. you are going to help me deliver this 'baby'. Ok? I looked at him with a smile. He nodded smiling deviously.  " What are the water guns for?" I asked. " Oh it is my own personal twist to this plan.". Louis handed me and Niall a water gun and sat on the edge of the bed. " ok when I point to you scream it's a girl. Niall  just yell encouraging things. Ready. AHHHH." "You can do it Keira!"  " just one more push." AHHH!" I pointed to Louis." IT'S A GIRL!" he yelled. " I'm going to yell hey guys get in here and when they do. BOOM, they are all soaking wet." Niall said smiling. "hey everyone get in here." He yelled  as soon as he said that they came through the door and got blasted with ice cold water. "WHAT THE FUCK KEIRA?" Casey screamed. " I love you" I said innocently. she rolled her eyes and began to walk out but I grabbed her wrist. " We need to go shopping for clothes." I said looking at her with puppy dog eyes. " Ok whatever." she said and left. " Ok everyone get out of my room except for Keira." Niall said. Everyone left leaving me and Niall alone. " Keira, will you go on a date with me. tonight at the club. They have a private level. so will you?" Niall asked me. I was pretty much at a loss for words. all I could do was nod my head and smile. His bright blue eyes were full of happiness. He was looking from my eyes to my lips like asking for permission. I nodded and he didn't hesitate to crash his lips onto mine. His perfect plump lips that I craved everyday. I know tonight will go well.

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