Experimental love

Keira walker Is a 18 and she loves one direction, especially Niall Horan. She got tickets to there show one night and never came back. That's because she found out the secret behind one direction. They are vampires. Keira couldn't go home because she knew there secret. Niall starts to fall for her. will Keira fall for The Irish cutie? Will Keira let herself fall? what will happen to this Experimental Love?


25. The Truth

Brooke's P.O.V.

I looked at Keira and screamed and dropped whatever was in my hand. it was a knife. Oh no. It happened again. I raced up the stairs and ignored the calls from my brother chasing after me. I got in my room and closed the door before he could stop it. I heard his fist repeatedly bang on the door and calling my name. I sighed and turned down my hearing so I couldn't hear him. Did I forget to mention my power is that I can turn my senses down or up. It is a strange power but It is still awesome.

 ' Brooke please open the door. I just want to talk.' I heard Harry's voice inside my head. I don't think my stupid master would like that very much.' You are right Brooke, I don't want you to tell him the plan. or you know what will happen.' He reminded me. My secret. I can't hide my secret forever. You see, i am not a natural or a vampire. I am a Hell Angel.



                                                           ***********flash back***********

" hey! Let's go on the that ride." My best friend JJ said. I looked up at the large ride and stepped back. " I don't know JJ. you know I  hate big rides." I said. He nodded and leaned towards me. " Yeah. but when you are scared you can lean into me." He whispered. I blushed and nodded. you could say I had a thing for him. I looked back at Harry and he told me to go. I turned back and walked with JJ to the ride. surprisingly there was barley  line.

 When we boarded the ride I sat next to JJ and shrank into him. He put his arm around me and smiled.  the ride started up the tall hill. when the ride was over we jumped off and ran to where Harry was. I saw him and his girlfriend fighting off some creature. I ran over to help but JJ pulled me back. Me and Harry just learned about our powers but my intro was a little different since I am a natural, or at least I thought I was, and he is a vampire.

" JJ, LET GO WE HAVE TO HELP THEM." I yelled over all the screaming. he nodded and we ran to help. as we got closer I saw more detail on the figure. It was a hell angel. we were about to kill it when another showed up and stabbed Harry's girlfriend. Harry got so angry he went into hysteria and killed both. once he calmed down he ran over to his girlfriend and cried over her. she was already dead. " Brooke" JJ said weakly. I turned around and gasped because he had been stabbed in the chest. He fell to the ground and I ran to him. " JJ please don't leave me. I..I...I love you." I whispered. JJ leaned up and kissed me on the lips.  He slowly fell back down and his eyes closed. " NO!! JJ PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME. I LOVE YOU!" I yelled. that was my first kiss with my first love.


                                                                **********end of flashback**********


I shuttered at the thought.  I have to tell Harry. ' Come on Brooke. I'm worried about you.' Harry's voice said again. I sighed and walked over to the door.

' don't do it Brooke or I will tell him your secret.' The voice warned me again. I don't care I will just tell him myself. I opened the door and Harry walked in and looked at me. " Brooke why did you stab Keira? I thought you two were like best friends?" He said confusion written on his face.

I have to tell him. ' NO! YOU WILL NOT TELL HIM! I WILL MAKE YOU KILL HIM!' the voice screamed in my head. I winced a little because he yelled. I went to my desk and got a pen I wrote down what I have to tell him and folded it up. I walked back over to Harry and hugged him. " Harry no matter what happens you know I love you right?" He nodded confused still.

" I am going to have to ask you to leave then when I close and lock the door I will slide the note under the door. You will then tae it back to your room and lock the door then read it ." I told him. He nodded and left. I closed the door and locked it and slid the note under the door. I really hope he doesn't hate me.

Harry's P.O.V.

once Brooke closed and locked the door I took the note that she slid under her door and went back to my room. I locked the door and sat on my bed. I opened the note and I almost choked on air at what she wrote.

                                                    I am a Hell Angel Harry.

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