Experimental love

Keira walker Is a 18 and she loves one direction, especially Niall Horan. She got tickets to there show one night and never came back. That's because she found out the secret behind one direction. They are vampires. Keira couldn't go home because she knew there secret. Niall starts to fall for her. will Keira fall for The Irish cutie? Will Keira let herself fall? what will happen to this Experimental Love?



Kiara's p.o.v.

"ARE YOU READY TO GO CASEY?" I yelled from the bottom from the stairs. " NO. GIVE ME THREE MINUTES." she yelled back sounding agitated. "Keira come here please." Niall yelled from upstairs. I groaned and climbed the stairs and barged into Niall's room. " Yeah."

"Louis is going to take Casey shopping. You are going to go with Harry. There is also one more thing." he said waiting for my response." Um why can't you g- wait never mind that's ok. I don't want you to see my dress and what was the other thing." I said smirking." Umm me and the boys haven't had a drink in a while besides Zayn. Can we drink from you this once. Zayn didn't drink you dry and you aren't making more blood it is just sitting there and there is enough for four so can we?" He asked hope in his eyes. I hesitantly nodded. Liam, Louis and, Harry sped into the room. " Can you go one at a time because it hurts." I asked. "Oh Zayn was probably so caught up in it he probably didn't numb you. we will though each time." Niall said and started kissing my neck like Zayn did. Then I couldn't feel anything. I didn't hurt at all. Niall puled away from my neck and kissed the wound and it closed up. Liam came up to me and starts Kissing the other side of my neck until I couldn't feel anything. All the boys took their turns and kissed where they drank from. " Thank you. We really needed that." Niall  said and pecked my cheek. I left to tell Casey the plan but when I got to Casey's room I heard silence. I tiptoed into the room and saw something that will permanently scar me. "AHHH. I'M BLIND." I screamed then ran out covering my eyes then I bumped into something. It hurt. I moved my hands from my eyes to see Harry standing there with a confused expression. " I will explain later but now you Mr. styles are going to take me SHOPPING!" I said smiling. " ok fine. lets go." he said. I ran down the stairs and outside. I love the outdoors. "We should really let you and your sister out more." I heard Harry say behind me. I nodded and just embraced the outdoors. " ok Kiki get in the car. Is ok if I call you Kiki?" he asked. I just shrugged and got in the car.

*at the mall*

" I have it all planed out.  We are going to Tess's Dresses and shoes. Then we are going to Forever 21. ok" I told Harry walking into the dress store.

*Many dresses later*

"ok I have tried on like 200 dresses and so far I got nothing." I said tiredly. " How about this one."  he was holding a strapless dress. It was black lace at the top and was light pink at the bottom. in other words. IT WAS PERFECT. " Give me the dress if you want to live styles." I said. the store was empty so it didn't matter if I said his name. He walked over and gave me the dress. It was my size so I went and changed into it. I came back out and looked at Harry. He was sitting upside down on the chair. " Really Harry?" He sat up and stared at me with wide eyes. oh god I look ugly don't I." I look terrible don't I?" I started to walk back into the dressing room but Harry's voice stopped me. " NO! you look hot." I turned around to a red faced Harry. " I mean very beautiful." he said blushing. This is the most I have seen Harry blush. " Thank you Harry." I kissed hi cheek and went to go change. When I came out Harry was no where in sight. where did he go? oh well. I walked over to the shoes department and looked p and down the isles till I saw the most perfect shoes. I was going to grab te ones in my size until someone grabbed them before I did. " Hey I wa-" I looked up and saw Harry holding the shoes. " Really Harry." I said rolling my eyes. " whatever lets go pay." We walked to the register and waited for the old lady to come back. When she finally came I pulled out my wallet and was about to pay when Harry grabbed it and put it in his pocket. " Harry. Give it back. I can't let you pay for this." I said trying to get it back. He just ignored me and paid. He handed me the bag when we got outside of the store. We didn't have to worry about people recognizing him because the whole mall was basically empty. I don't know why though. We walked to Forever 21 and got some heart earing's, and a bow ring. that was all I needed. I was going to wear the necklace that Casey got me. I paied for the stuff and we drove through McDonalds and went back to the house. Once the curly headed dork got us home I ran inside to be greeted by a happy looking Casey. She grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs into Louis room. she shut the door and looed at me like nothing could make her day any better. "LOUIS ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!" she yelled. I gave her a hug. "Hey show me what you got for tonight and I will show you what I got." I said. http://www.polyvore.com/party_with_your_best_friend/set?id=93148975

"oh my god that dress is beautiful!" we both shouted. " How mush time do we have until we leave?" Casey asked laying out her outfit. I looked at the clock. " WE HAVE TWO HOURS!" I yelled. h this night better be awesome.



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