Experimental love

Keira walker Is a 18 and she loves one direction, especially Niall Horan. She got tickets to there show one night and never came back. That's because she found out the secret behind one direction. They are vampires. Keira couldn't go home because she knew there secret. Niall starts to fall for her. will Keira fall for The Irish cutie? Will Keira let herself fall? what will happen to this Experimental Love?




I am having a character contest right now! this person will be a vampire but a bad vampire. don't worry this person won't stay bad for long. I only need one person. just tell me your:


~hair color

~eye color

I forgot to mention you might be dating Josh Divine!! maybe

If you have any Ideas for this story don't hesitate to comment it to me.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this story. oh and by the way. I shall be making a sequel! Thank you to my readers :)


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